IMF Research Perspectives Spring-Summer 2020


IMF Research Perspectives Spring-Summer 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that this issue of Research Perspectives was put together in the same rooms where our families, pets, and grocery lists were competing for our attention. We’ve been impressed by one another’s resilience, so we thought it would be worthwhile to share a few of the stories and insights from those who contributed to this latest issue. Maybe you’ll even pick up an idea or two about how to dress your dog!

My biggest challenge is working while keeping track of my son’s distance learning and keeping him entertained throughout the day. I wouldn’t call this a solution, but I have adapted to having multiple ‘offices’ around the house with toys around my ‘workstations.’


My biggest challenge while working from home was getting my kids used to distance learning. My older son adapted quickly but it was harder for my younger son.

I got him motivated by reorganizing his workspace so that he felt comfortable and could focus. He is doing fine now though he of course misses his friends from school.


For me keeping all three kids engaged, active, and safe at the same time has been the biggest challenge while working from home. Solution? Sometimes saying yes to the mess makes everyone happy.


Biggest challenge: Cooking and cleaning for four males—two boys, a husband, and the dog. Solution: None so far. I’ve tried to assign tasks to each but then I ended up redoing them all.


I had never learned how to cook (excluding some basic stuff). My mother didn’t like to cook, so growing up I didn’t have anyone to teach me. Later in life I was always busy studying or working. But since the quarantine I’ve been forced to cook a lot more and have enjoyed learning new recipes and making things my kids enjoy.”


Learning how to focus and block out distractions by separating my work from other things has been truly life-changing Being home and surrounded by food, projects, games, and pets means being constantly distracted by something. I learned to focus on one thing at a time.”


My mother was a Home Economics teacher so I grew up learning all the domestic skills, but lost them over the years. I’ve returned to sewing and crafting during this shut-in period, and am having a lot of fun with it! I actually finished a blanket for my niece which I started over three years ago.”


I started playing piano again. I played from five years old to pretty much until I had kids. But then life got busy and I didn’t have the time. I started playing again under lockdown.


In the evenings, I’ll play Nintendo Switch with coworkers – which we normally did on Fridays before all of this happened. So it’s been nice to bring back something that was normal for us to do together and bring back some sense of normalcy.”


I created and hosted an online obstacle course through a Nintendo Switch game called Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I took the whole week prior to the event date to build five obstacle courses. The players were divided into teams of two. Throughout the competition, seeing everyone working together, laughing, and cheering really put a smile on my face. We connected and bonded throughout that full hour with nothing but joy and happiness.


I look forward to being able to travel to visit my family in Argentina, and to go on vacations with my husband and kids. We really enjoy travelling together. I also miss my friends and colleagues at work.”


Everybody looks so different without showers

and haircuts.” ~ STEFAN LIPSKY, DESIGNER

Someone put a homemade PPE on her dog. When I looked with amazement while I was walking my own dog, she offered to make one for my dog too.


I started trying out dessert recipes. I guess I need my sugar fix once in a while.” ~SOPHIA

My newest hobby? Canine mind-reading and weekday naps.


I learned patience – definitely something new for me – and to value the small things in life I didn’t pay attention to because I took them for granted. I’ll value things like seeing my friends or colleagues in person much differently now.


I look forward to work interactions again, conversing with colleagues, and just being in a work environment that promotes creativity.


My wife and I are both working from home. From such a small apartment, funny situations are inevitable. At one point someone in her office told her a joke; her burst of laughter was heard in the meeting I was taking part in, making everyone laugh.


I use the same device for my Zoom meeting and my son’s distance learning. One time I was kept in the Zoom waiting room for 15 minutes and I found out that it was showing my son’s name. The host wouldn’t let me (him!) in.,


The microphone on my laptop works sporadically. On one occasion during a meeting, I went to talk and everyone started laughing. Apparently, my mic somehow made me sound like…


… she sounded like Jabba the Hutt.




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