01 Inclusion in Economics: Interview with Sole Martinez Peria

04 Good Jobs for Young People: A Policy Imperative to Reduce Inequality

07 Can You Put a Price on That? – The Cost of Female Guilt at Work

10 She, Robot: Women’s Employment in the Face of Automation

13 The Snowball Effect: How the Rich Get Richer

15 Inequality and the Conduct of Monetary Policy

17 Falling off the Ladder: Why So Few Female Economics Professors?

20 The Perspective from Home

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Note From the Guest Editor

The world has changed since we started working on this issue of IMF Research Perspectives in January 2020. COVID-19 has spread around the globe, disrupting lives, overwhelming health care systems, and impairing economic activity. Although it is still too early to grasp the full impact of the pandemic, some populations— the socially marginalized, individuals with underlying health problems, and households with financial vulnerabilities—will likely bear the brunt of it.

A time like this reminds us of the value of equity and equality, and the dire consequences of lack thereof. The theme of this issue is “An Economy for All”: we hope to provoke thoughts on improving access to economic opportunities for different populations. Our showcased research examines the future of employment for women and for the young, discusses overcoming mommy guilt for professional women, presents new evidence on wealth inequality, and explores the role of inequality in monetary policy. Two members of the IMF’s Research Department sit down with us to share more intimate views on what diversity and inclusion mean for economic research and inside the economics profession.

Research on economic equity and equality is more relevant now than ever as we work on overcoming COVID-19 and recovering from its blow to the economy. Victor Hugo once said: “Great perils have this beauty, that they bring to light the fraternity of strangers.” This crisis will bring us together to build an economy stronger and more resilient, for all.

Go behind the scenes with the IMF Research Perspectives team to see how they adapted to bring this issue to you in these extraordinary times…~Sophia Chen

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