The IMF Research Bulletin provides updates on recent research activities and publications of the staff of the IMF.


The IMF Research Bulletin provides updates on recent research activities and publications of the staff of the IMF.

Can Abenomics Succeed?: Overcoming the Legacy of Japan’s Lost Decades

Edited by Dennis Botman, Stephan Danninger, and Jerald Schiff

Since the bursting of the bubble in the early 1990s, Japan has been unable to sustain economic recoveries. At the heart of Japan’s economic challenge lie several, closely related issues: ending deflation, raising growth, securing fiscal sustainability, and maintaining financial stability. This book looks at Japan’s revitalization plan dubbed the “three arrows of Abenomics.” The authors provide an assessment of Abenomics and its significance for the rest of the world.

$25, Paperback ISBN 978-1-49832-468-7

Frontier and Developing Asia: The Next Generation of Emerging Markets

Edited by Alfred Schipke

With a combined population of more than 350 million people, frontier and developing Asia, which includes countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangladesh, is located in the world’s fastest-growing region and has favorable demographics. Despite their heterogeneity, the countries share a number of common macroeconomic, financial, and structural challenges. The book addresses issues related to economic growth and structural transformation, as well as the risk of a poverty trap and rising income inequality. The book also analyses a number of financial sector and monetary policy framework issues.

$25, Paperback ISBN 978-1-47559-551-2

Cambodia: Entering a New Phase of Growth

Edited by Olaf Unteroberdoerster

“The array of papers explores a range of issues, including Cambodia’s highly dollarized economy and unrealistically low tax collection. The contributors also address Cambodia’s open and liberalized banking system, considered to be ‘overbanked.’ This book, though highly technical, allows a good peek into Cambodia’s economy at a crossroads, and the IMF recognizes that reforms in Cambodia must be comprehensive, multi-pronged, and sensitive to ongoing changes in the region… Recommended. Graduate students, researchers, and faculty.”

CHOICE, December 2014

$25, Paperback ISBN 978-1-47556-078-7

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