Articles reviewing IMF research on dollarization and on the relationship between macroeconomic policies and income distribution; country/area study: The Euro Area; summaries of Second Annual IMF Research Conference and Investor Relations Seminar; list of external publications of IMF staff; IMF working papers; visiting scholars at the IMF.


Articles reviewing IMF research on dollarization and on the relationship between macroeconomic policies and income distribution; country/area study: The Euro Area; summaries of Second Annual IMF Research Conference and Investor Relations Seminar; list of external publications of IMF staff; IMF working papers; visiting scholars at the IMF.

Journal Articles

Asfar, O.; Danninger, Stephan

Profit Sharing, Employment Stability, and Wage Growth

Industrial and Labor Relations Review

Balakrishnan, Ravi; Michelacci, Claudio

Unemployment Dynamics Across OECD Countries

European Economic Review

Ball, Sheryl; Feltenstein, Andrew

Bank Failures and Fiscal Austerity: Policy Prescriptions for a Developing Country

Journal of Public Economics

Bayoumi, Tamim; Mauro, Paolo

The Suitability of ASEAN for a Regional Currency Arrangement

The World Economy

Blankenau, William; Kose, Ayhan M.; Yi, Kei-Mu

Can World Real Interest Rates Explain Business Cycles in a Small Open Economy?

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Catao, Luis; Falcetti, Elisabetta

Determinants of Argentina’s External Trade

Journal of Applied Economics

Chami, Ralph; Cosimano, Thomas; Fullenkamp, Connel

Capital Trading, Stock Trading, and the Inflation Tax on Equity

Review of Economic Dynamics

Choi, Woon Gyi; Oh, Seonghwan

The Demand for Money with Uncertainties and Financial Innovations

Korean Journal of Money and Finance

Cihak, Martin; Holub, Tomas

Price Convergence toward the European Union: A Few Open Issues

Finance a Uver

Collier, Paul; Hoeffler, Anke; Pattillo, Catherine

Flight Capital as a Portfolio Choice

World Bank Economic Review

Cordella, Tito; Grilo, I.

Social Dumping and Relocation: Is There a Case for Imposing a Social Clause?

Regional Science and Urban Economics

Corneo, Giacomo; Jeanne, Olivier

Status, The Distribution of Wealth, and Growth

Scandinavian Journal of Economics

De Broek, Mark; Koen, Vincent

The” Soaring Eagle”: Anatomy of the Polish Take-Off in the 1990s

Comparative Economic Studies

Debrun, Xavier

Bargaining EMU vs. EMS: Why Might the ECB Be the Twin Sister of the Bundesbank?

Economic Journal

Deléchat, Corinne

International Migration Dynamics: The Role of Experience and Social Networks

Labour: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations

Dell’Ariccia, Giovanni

Asymmetric Information and the Structure of the Banking Industry

European Economic Review

Erbas, Nuri S.; Sayers, Chera L.

Can a Shorter Workweek Induce Higher Employment? Mandatory Reductions in the Workweek and Employment Subsidies

International Tax and Public Finance

Fernández, Carmen; Ley, Eduardo; Steel, Mark F. J.

Model Uncertainty in Cross-Country Growth Regressions

Journal of Applied Econometrics

Gelos, Gaston R.; Isgut, Alberto

Fixed Capital Adjustment: Is Latin America Different?

Review of Economics and Statistics

Gelos, Gaston R.; Isgut, Alberto

Irreversibilities in Fixed Capital Adjustment: Evidence from Mexican and Colombian Plants

Economic Letters

Gottschalk, Jan; Moore, David

Implementing Inflation Targeting Regimes: The Case of Poland

Journal of Comparative Economics

Gupta, Sanjeev; Schiller, Christian; Ma, Henry; Tiongson, Erwin

Privatization, Labour, and Social Safety Nets

Journal of Economic Surveys

Gupta, Sanjeev; Sharan, Raju; de Mello, Luiz

Corruption and Military Spending

European Journal of Political Economy

Gupta, Sanjeev; Verhoeven, Marijn

The Efficiency of Government Expenditure: Experiences from Africa

Journal of Policy Modeling

Hanson, Gordon; Spilimbergo, Antonio

Political Economy, Terms of Trade, and Border Enforcement

Canadian Journal of Economics

Hilbers, Paul

The IMF/World Bank Financial Sector Assessment Program

Economic Perspectives

Jeanne, Olivier; Zettelmeyer, Jeromin

International Bailouts, Moral Hazard and Conditionality

Economic Policy

Keen, Michael

Preferential Regimes Can Make Tax Competition Less Harmful

National Tax Journal

Keen, Michael; Ligthart, Jenny

Coordinating Tariff Reductions and Domestic Tax Reform

Journal of International Economics

Kim, Kyung-soo; Lee, Jaewoo

Asset Price and Current Account Analysis

International Economic Journal

Kim, Woochan; Wei, Shang-Jin

Foreign Portfolio Investors Before and During a Crisis

Journal of International Economics

Kontolemis, Zenon G.

Analysis of the US Business Cycle with a Vector-Markov-Switching Model

Journal of Forecasting

Kontolemis, Zenon G.

International Evidence on the Asymmetry of Business Cycle Turning Points

The Manchester School

Kose, Ayhan M.; Riezman, Raymond

Trade Shocks and Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Africa

Journal of Development Economics

Lane, Philip R.; Milesi-Ferretti, Gian Maria

The External Wealth of Nations: Measures of Foreign Assets and Liabilities for Industrial and Developing Countries

Journal of International Economics

Larson, C.E.; Olson, Lars J.; Sharma, Sunil

Optimal Inventory Policies When the Demand Distribution Is Not Known

Journal of Economic Theory

Laxton, Douglas; Prasad, Eswar

Possible Effects of European Monetary Union on Switzerland

Journal of Policy Modeling

Loungani, Prakash

How Accurate are Private Sector Forecasts? Cross-Country Evidence from Consensus Forecasts of Output Growth

International Journal of Forecasting

Loungani, Prakash; Razin, Assaf; Yuen, Chi-wa

Capital Mobility and the Output-Inflation Tradeoff

Journal of Development Economics

Mauro, Paolo; Loungani, Prakash

Capital Flight from Russia

The World Economy

Mishkin, Frederic; Savastano, Miguel

Monetary Policy Strategies for Latin America

Journal of Development Economics

Mishkin, Frederic; Savastano, Miguel

Theoretical Aspects of Monetary Policy Strategies for Emerging Market Economies

Zagreb Journal of Economics

Moers, Luc A. M.; Grogan, L.

Growth Empirics with Institutional Measures for Transition Countries

Economic Systems

Munasinghe, Lalith; O’Flaherty, Brendan; Danninger, Stephan

Globalization and the Rate of Technological Progress: What Track and Field Records Show

Journal of Political Economy

Nadal-De Simone, Francisco

Inflation Targeting in a Small Open Economy: The Behaviour of Price Variables

New Zealand Economic Papers

Obstfeld, Maurice; Rogoff, Kenneth

New Directions for Stochastic Open Economy Models

Journal of International Economics

Oliva, M-A.; Rivera-Batiz, Luis A; Sy, Amadou N. R.

Discipline, Signaling, and Currency Boards

Review of International Economics

Parrado, Eric

Foreign Shocks and Monetary Transmission in Chile

Economía Chilena

Parsley, David; Wei, Shang-Jin

Explaining the Border Effect: The Role of Exchange Rate Variability, Shipping Costs, and Geography

Journal of International Economics

Risager, Ole; Nielsen, Steen

On the Return and Riskiness of Stock Investments in the Short and Long Term

Nationaloekonomisk Tidssskrift

Risager, Ole; Nielsen, Steen

Stock Returns and Bond Yields in Denmark, 1922–1999

Scandinavian Economic History Review

Rodriguez, Edgard; Tiongson, Erwin

Temporary Migration Overseas and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Urban Philippines

International Migration Review

Tan, Ling Hui

Auction Quotas with a Foreign Duopoly

Bulletin of Economic Research

Wei, Shang-Jin

Domestic Crony Capitalism and International Fickle Capital: Is There a Connection?

International Finance

Yang, Yongzheng; Tyers, Rod

The Asian Crisis and Economic Change in China

Japanese Economic Review

Contributions to Books and Conference Volumes

Alba, Pedro; Hernandez, Leonardo; Klingebiel, Daniela Financial Liberalization and the Capital Account: Thailand 1988–97

The Political Economy of the East Asian Crisis and Its Aftermath, ed. by Arvid J. Lukauskas and Franciso L. Rivera-Batiz (Edward Elgar)

Bell, Gerwin

The Role of the Financial Sector in Macroeconomic Adjustment Programmes

Banking and Monetary Policy in Eastern Europe: The First Ten Years, ed. by Adalbert Winkler (Palgrave)

Bussière, Matthieu; Mulder, Christian

Which Short-Term Debt Over Reserves Ratio Works Best?: Operationalising the Greenspan-Guidotti Rule

Capital Flows Without Crisis?, ed. by Dipak Dasgupta, Marc Uzan, and Dominic Wilson (Routledge)

Calvo, Guillermo; Reinhart, Carmen M.

Reflections on Dollarization

Currency Unions, ed. by A. Alesina and R. Barro (Hoover Institute Press)

Edison, Hali; Reinhart, Carmen M.

Capital Controls During Financial Crises: The Case of Malaysia and Thailand

Financial Crises in Emerging Markets, ed. by R. Glick (Cambridge University Press)

Fosu, A. K.; Nsouli, Saleh M.; Varoudakis, A.

Policies to Promote Competitiveness in Manufacturing in Sub-Saharan Africa

Development Centre (OECD) Seminars with the IMF and the AERC

Hakura, Dalia; Jaumotte, Florence

The Role of Trade in Technology Diffusion

Policies to Promote Competitiveness in Manufacturing in Sub-

Saharan Africa, ed. by Fosu, Nsouli, and Varoudakis

Heymann, Daniel; Kaufman, Martin; Sanguinetti, Pablo

Learning About Trends: Spending and Credit Fluctuations in Open Economies

Monetary Theory as a Basis for Monetary Policy, ed. by Axel Leijonhufvud (Palgrave)

House, Brett

Comparative Advantage

Reader’s Guide to the Social Sciences, ed. by Jonathan Michie (Fitzroy Dearborn)

Kaminsky, Graciela; Reinhart, Carmen M.

Bank Lending and Contagion: Evidence from the Asian Crisis Regionalism vs. Multilateralism, ed. by Takatoshi Ito and Anne O. Krueger (University of Chicago Press)

Kose, Ayhan M.; Yi, Kei-Mu

International Trade and Business Cycles

American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings

Lane, Philip R.; Milesi-Ferretti, Gian Maria

External Capital Structure: Theory and Evidence The World’s New Financial Landscape: Challenges for Economic Policies, ed. by Horst Siebert (Springer Verlag)

Ley, Eduardo

Frontier Models

The Encyclopedia of Environmetrics (Wiley)

Montiel, Peter; Reinhart, Carmen M.

The Dynamics of Capital Movements to Emerging Economies During the 1990s

Short-Term Capital Flows and Economic Crises, ed. by Griffith-Jones, Montes, and Nasution (Oxford University Press)

Obstfeld, Maurice; Rogoff, Kenneth

Perspectives on OECD Capital Market Integration: Implications for U.S. Current Account Adjustment Global Economic Integration: Opportunities and Challenges (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)

Reinhart, Carmen M.; Reinhart, Vincent

What Hurts Most: G–3 Exchange Rate or Interest Rate Volatility?

Preventing Currency Crises in Emerging Markets, ed. by M. Edwards and J. Frankel (University of Chicago Press)

Rogoff, Kenneth

On Why Not a Global Currency

American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings

Wei, Shang-Jin

Does Corruption Provide Relief on Tax and Capital Control for International Investors?

International Taxation and Multinational Activity, ed. by James R. Hines, Jr. (University of Chicago Press)

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