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Tamim Bayoumi

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Donald J. Mathieson

Sunil Sharma

The objective of IMF Staff Papers is to publish high quality research produced by IMF staff and invited guests on a variety of topics of interest to a broad audience including academics and policymakers in the member countries of the Fund. The papers selected for publication in the journal are subject to an extensive review process using both internal and external referees. IMF Staff Papers also welcomes outside comments, criticisms, and interesting replications of published work. The views presented in published papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position ot the Executive Board or of the IMF.

Subscription: $U.S.54.00 a volume or the approximate equivalent in the currencies of most countries. Three issue constitute a volume. Single copies may be purchased at $18. Individual academic rate to full-time professors and students of universities and colleges: $27 a volume. Subscriptions and orders should be sent to:

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The Editor invites from contributors outside the IMF brief comments (not more than 1,000 words) on published articles in IMF Staff Papers. These comments should be addressed to the Editor, who will forward them to the author of the original article for reply. Both the comments and the reply will be considered for publication.

The data underlying articles published in IMF Staff Papers are available on the journal’s website ( Readers are invited to use these data to expand on the material in the articles, and the journal will consider publishing such work.

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International Monetary Fund

IMF staff papers—International Monetary Fund. v. 1- Feb. 1950–

[Washington] International Monetary Fund.

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Three no. a year, 1950-1977; four no. a year, 1978–


Vols. 1-27, 1950-80, 1 v.

ISSN 1020-7635 = IMF staff papers—International Monetary Fund.

1. Foreign exchange—Periodicals. 2. Commerce—Periodicals.

3. Currency question—Periodicals.

HG3810.15 332.082 53-35483


  • Portfolio Diversification, Leverage, and Financial Contagion

    • Garry J. Schinasi and R. Todd Smith

  • How Persistent Are Shocks to World Commodity Prices?

    • Paul Cashin, Hong Liang, and C. John McDermott

  • Ratchet Effects in Currency Substitution: An Application to the Kyrgyz Republic

  • Joannes Mongardini and Johannes Mueller

  • Safety from Currency Crashes

  • Kent Osband and Caroline Van Rijckeghem

  • Japan’s Stagnant Nineties: A Vector Autoregression Retrospective

  • Ramana Ramaswamy and Christel Rendu