Staff Papers draws on IMF Working Papers, which are research studies by members of the Fund’s stuff. A list of Working Papers issued in 1998:1 follows:


Staff Papers draws on IMF Working Papers, which are research studies by members of the Fund’s stuff. A list of Working Papers issued in 1998:1 follows:

“The Impact of Fiscal Policy Variables on Ouiput Growih” by Philip Gerson

[WP/98/II “Developing Countries and the Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle” by Athanasios

Vamvakidis and Romain Wacziarg |WP/98/2] “Exchange Rate Uncertainty in Money-Based Stabilization Programs” by R.

Armando Morales IWP/98/31 “Economic Security, Private Investment, and Growih in Developing Countries’” b y

Helene Poirson |WP/98/4] “Estimating Egypt’s Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate” by Joannes Mongardini

[WP/98/SI “How to Deal with Azerbaijan’s Oil Boom’? Policy Strategics in a Resource-Rich

Transition Economy” by Christoph B. Rosenberg and Tapio O. Saavalainen

[WP/98/6] “Income Inequality: Does Inflation Matter?” by Ales Bulfr |WP/98/7] “Currency Boards: The Ultimate Fix” by Atish R. Ghosh, Anne-Marie Guide, and

Holger C. Wolf [WP/98/8] “Uncertainty, Flexible Exchange Rales, and Agglomeration,” by Luca Antonio

Ricci [WP/98/9| “Open Regionalism in a World of Continental Trade Blocs” by Jeffrey Frankel

and Shang-Jiu Wei [WP/98/IO| “Pension Reform in the Baltics. Russia, and Other Countries of the Former Soviet

Union (BRO)“hy Marta Castello Branco [WP/98/111”French Public Finances: Modeling Long-Term Prospects and Reform Options“

by Kar! F. Habermeier and Fahrice Lenseigne [WP/98/12] “Does the Introduction of Futures on Emerging Market Currencies Destabilize the

Underlying Currencies?’” by Christian Jochum and Laura Kodres


“Generational Accounting for Prance” by Joaquim Levy and Uusmane l)t;iv

IWP/98/14] “The Macroeconnmic Consequences of Wage Indexation Revisited” by Esteban

.ladrcsic|WP/98/15| “Brady Bonds and Default Probabilities” by Ivailo lzvorski |WP/98/16] “Why Do Different Countries Use Different Currencies?” by Narayana

Kocherlakola and Thomas Krueger [WP/98/l7| “Public Debt Indexation and Denomination: The Case of Brazil” by Nan Goldfajn

IWP/98/18] “Financial Sector Reform and Monetary Policy in the Netherlands” by Paul

Hilbers [WP798/19] “Poverty, Income Distribution, and Economic Policy in the Philippines” by Philip

Gerson fWP/97/20] “Monetary Policy with a Convex Phillips Curve and Asymmetric Loss” by

Demosthenes N. Tamhakis [WP/98/21 ] “Opening Up and Geographic Diversification of Trade in Transition Economies”

by Oleh Havrylyshyn and Hassan AI-Airash [WP/98/22] “’TheNomiionetan Determinants of Inflation: A Panel Data Study” b\ Carlo

Cottarelli, Mark Griffiths, and Reza Moghadam [WP/98/231 “The Statistical Measurement of Financial Derivatives” by Robert M. Heath

IWP/98/241 “Coordination of Monetary and Fiscal Policies” by Bernard Laurens and Enrique

G. delaPiedra|WP/98/25| “Fiscal Suslainability with Non-Renewable Resources” by Nigel Chalk

|WP/98/261 “Post Stabilization Inflation Dynamics in Slovenia” by Kevin Ross |WP/98/27] “Dollari/ation of Financial Intermediation: Causes and Policy Implications” by

Alain I/.e and Eduardo Levy-Yeyati |WP/98/28] “Parametric Distributional Flexibility and Conditional Variance Models with an

Application to Hourly Exchange Rates” by Jenny N. Lye. Vance L. Martin,

and Leslie E. Teo |WP/98/29| “Islamic Banking: Issues in Prudential Regulations and Supervision” by Luea

Errico and Milra Farahbaksh |WP/98/301 “Financial Infusion and Exiting from a Money Rule” by Mark Stone [WP/98/31 ] “An Econometric Analysis of Countries’ Repayment Performance to the

International Monetary Fund“by Lynn Aylward and Rupert Thome

|WP/98/32| “The Security Factor in the Political Economy of Development” by Martin C.

McGuire|WP/98/331 “Evaluation of Taxes and Revenues from the Energy Sector in the Baltics. Russia.

and Other Former Soviet Union Countries” by Dale F. Gray |WP/98/34] “Should Public Pensions Be Funded’” by Richard Hemming |WP/98/35|

“Taxation and the Household Saving Rate: Evidence from OECD Countries” by

VitoTanzi and Howell H. Zee [WP/98/36J “The Prudential Regulation and Management of Foreign Exchange Risk” by

Richard K. Abrams and Paulina Beato [WP/98/37] “Achieving Stabilization in Armenia” by Balazs Horvath. Nita Thacker. and

riming Ha [WP/98/38I’“Preliminary Considerations of an Inflation Targeting Framework for the

Philippines” hy Guy Dehelle and Cheng Hoon Lim [WP/98/391”Regional Trade Agreements Versus Broad Liberalization: Which Path Leads

to Faster Growth? Time-Series Evidence“by Athanasios Vamvakidis

IWP/98/40]”Virtual Deficits and the Patinkin Effect“by Eliana Cardoso [WP/98/41 ]