Staff Papers draws on IMF Working Papers, which are research studies by members of the Fund’s staff. A list of Working Papers issued in 1995:4 follows,


Staff Papers draws on IMF Working Papers, which are research studies by members of the Fund’s staff. A list of Working Papers issued in 1995:4 follows,

“Imports Under a Foreign Exchange Constraint: The Case of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” by Adnan Mazarei [95/97]

“Growth in East Asia: What We Can and What We Cannot Infer From It,” by Michael Sarel [95/98]

“Disinflation and the Recession-Now-Versus-Recession-Later Hypothesis: Evidence from Uruguay,” by Alexander W. Hoffmaister and Carlos A. Végh [95/99]

“Government Role and the Efficiency of Policy Instruments,” by Vito Tanzi [95/100]

“The Underground Economy: Estimation, and Economic and Policy Implications— The Case of Pakistan,”by Ghiath Shabsigh [95/101]

“Stock Market Volatility and Corporate Investment,” by Zuliu Hu [95/102]

“Linkages Between Financial Variables, Financial Sector Reform and Economic Growth and Efficiency,” by Barry Johnston and Ceyla Pazarbasioglu [95/103]

“Discretionary Trading and Asset Price Volatility,” by Jahangir Aziz [95/104]

“The Fiscal Stance in Sweden: A Generational Accounting Perspective,” by Robert Hagemann and Christoph John [95/105]

“Methodologies of Price Indices in Transition Countries,” by Kimberly Zieschang [95/106]

“Spain: Unemployment, Debt Management and Interest Rate Differentials,” by Gustavo Cañonero [95/107]

“Consumption Smoothing and Exchange Rate Volatility,” by Bart Turtelboom [95/108]

“Is Regionalism Simply a Diversion? Evidence from the Evolution of the EC and EFTA,” by Tamim Bayoumi and Barry Eichengreen [95/109]

“International Integration of Equity Markets and Contagion Effects,” by Paul Cashin, Manmohan Kumar, and John McDermolt [95/110]

“Exchange Rate Movements, Inflation Expectations, and Currency Substitution in Turkey,” by Fabio Scacciavillani [95/111]

“Speculative Attacks and Currency Crises: The Mexican Experience,” by Inci Ötker and Ceyla Pazarbasioglu [95/112]

“Relative Prices. Economic Growth, and Tax Policy,” by Michael Sard [95/l13]

“Target Zones and Realignment Expectations: The Israeli and Mexican Experience,” by Alejandro M, Werner [95/114]

“Monetary Policy and Inflation Indicators for Finland” by Martin Mühleisen [95/115]

“Flexible Estimation of Demand Schedules and Revenue Under Different Auction Formats,” by Robert Feldman and Vincent Reinhart [95/l16]

“The Microstruer are of Government Securities Markets” by Peter Dattels [95/117]

“The Fisher Hypothesis and Inflation Persistence—Evidence from Five Major Industrial Countries” by Wensheng Peng [95/118]

“Consumption Smoothing and the Current Account: Evidence for France, 1970-94,” by Pierre-Richard Agénor, Claude Bismut, Paul Cashin, and John McDermott [95/119]

“Effective Taxation for Recipients of Social Assistance in Germany and the Consequences of the 1996 Tax Reform” by Christian Thimann [95/120]

“Docs the Nominal Exchange Rate Regime Matter?,” by Atish Ghosh, Anne-Marie Guide, Jonathan D. Ostry and Holger C. Wolf [95/121]

“Skill Heterogeneity and Aggregation Bias over the Business Cycle,” by Eswar Prasad [95/122]

“Financial Indicators and Financial Change in Africa and Asia,” by Huw Pill and Mahmood Pradhan [95/123]

“Welfare Reform in the United States,” by Ellen Nedde [95/124]

“The Labor Market and Economic Adjustment,” by Pierre-Richard Agénor [95/125]

“Health Care Cost Containment,” by Ellen Nedde [95/l 26)

“A Survey of Academic Literature on Controls Over International Capital Transactions,” by Michael P. Dooley [95/127]

“Long-Term Tendencies in Budget Deficits and Debt,” by Paul Masson and Michael Mussa [95/128]

“Real Interest Rates, Real Exchange Rates, and Net Foreign Assets in the Adjustment Process,” by Thomas Helbling and Bart Turtelboom [95/129]

“The Growth of Government and the Reform of the State in Industrial Countries,” by Vito Tanzi and Ludger Schuknecht [95/130]

“Capital Account Liberalization in Finland: Analysis of Structural Changes” by Arto Kovanen [95/131]

“The Mexican Financial Crisis: A Test of the Resilience of Developing Country Securities,” by David Andrews and Shogo Ishii [95/132]

“Capital Market Integration in the Pacific Basin Region: An Analysis of Real Interest Rate Linkages,” by Kate Phylaktis [95/133]

“Deposit Protection Arrangements: A Survey,” by Alexander Kyei [95/134]

“On the Measurement of Horizontal Inequity,” by Peter Lambert [95/135]

“Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa,” by Dhaneshwar Ghura and Michael T. Hadjimichael [195/136]

“Competitiveness and External Trade Performance of the French Manufacturing Industry,” by Pierre-Richard Agénor [95/137]

“Trade Policies and Lithuania’s Reintegration into the Global Economy,” by Jonas Cicinskas, Peter Cornelius, and Dalia Treigiene [95/138]

“A Survey of Economic Policies and Macroeconomic Performance in Chile and Colombia,” by Sergio Clavijo [95/139]

“Inflation Dynamics in Kazakstan,” by Mark De Broeck, Paula De Masi, and Vincent Koen [95/140]

“Financial Sector Reforms in Eight Countries: Issues and Results” by Vicente Galbis [95/141]

“Macroeconomic Shocks and Trade Flows Within Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for Optimum Currency Arrangements,” by Tamim Bayoumi and Jonathan D. Ostry [95/142]

“The Uruguay Round and Net Food Importers,” by Uwe Eiteljöerge and Clinton Shiells [95/143]

“A Model of the Bimetallic System,” by Erik Oppers [95/144]

“A General Equilibrium Approach to Interenterprise Arrears in Transition Economies and Applicability to Russia,” by Se-Jik Kim and Goohoon Kwon [95/145]

“Transformation of Markets and Policy Instruments for Open Market Operations,” by Stephen H. Axilrod [95/146]