Staff Papers draws on IMF Working Papers, which are research studies by members of the Fund’s staff. A list of Working Papers issued in 1990:1 follows; additions will be noted in future issues.


Staff Papers draws on IMF Working Papers, which are research studies by members of the Fund’s staff. A list of Working Papers issued in 1990:1 follows; additions will be noted in future issues.

“The U.S. Health Care Industry: Performance and Issues,” by Liam P. Ebrill [90/1]

“Financial Market Integration and Exchange Rate Policy,” by Donald J. Mathieson and Liliana Rojas-Suarez [90/2]

“On the International Use of Currencies: The Case of the Deutsche Mark,” by George S. Tavlas [90/3]

“The Identification of the Causes of Business Cycles Across Countries,” by Stefan C. Norrbin and Don E. Schlagenhauf [90/4]

“Macroeconomic Effects of Projected Population Aging in Industrial Countries,” by Paul R. Masson and Ralph W. Tryon [90/5]

“Currency Bands, Target Zones, and Cash Limits: Thresholds for Monetary and Fiscal Policy,” by Marcus Miller and Paul Weller [90/6]

“Pricing Floating-Rate Debt and Related Interest-Rate Options,” by Louis Scott [90/7]

“Interest Rate Policies, Stabilization, and Bank Supervision in Developing Countries: Strategies for Financial Reforms,” by Delano Villanueva and Abbas Mirakhor [90/8]

“The Evaluation of Debt Exchanges,” by John Clark [90/9]

“Externalities, Incentives, and Economic Reforms,” by Joshua Aizenman and Peter Isard [90/10]

“An Econometric Rational-Expectations Macroeconomic Model for Developing Countries with Capital Controls,” by Nadeem U. Haque, Kajal Lahiri, and Peter Montiel [90/11]

“Issues in Interest Rate Management and Liberalization,” by Sergio Pereira Leite and V. Sundararajan [90/12]

“The Perils of Sterilization,” by Guillermo Calvo [90/13]

“Social Security, Demographic Trends, and the Federal Budget,” by Liam P. Ebrill [90/14]

“Trade Liberalization, Stabilization, and Growth: Some Notes on the Mexican Experience,” by Alain Ize [90/15]

“Stabilization Policies in Developing Countries with a Parallel Market for Foreign Exchange: A Formal Framework,” by Pierre-Richard Agenor [90/16]

“Is There a Need for Harmonizing Capital Income Taxes Within EC Countries?” by Vito Tanzi and A. Lans Bovenberg [90/17]

“Valuing Interest Payment Guarantees On Developing Country Debt,” by Eduardo Borensztein and George Pennacchi [90/18]

“Issues in Recent Banking Crises in Developing Countries,” by V. Sundararajan and Tomas J.T. Balino [90/19]

“Monetary Indexation and Revenues from Money Creation: The Case of Iceland,” by Peter K. Cornelius [90/20]

“Interest Rate Targeting in a Small Open Economy: The Predetermined Exchange Rates Case,” by Guillermo A. Calvo and Carlos A. Vegh [90/21]

“Sustainable Plans and Mutual Default,” by Patrick J. Kehoe and V.V. Chari [90/22]

“Economic and Monetary Integration and the Aggregate Demand for Money in the EMS,” by J.M. Kremers and Timothy D. Lane [90/23]

“Fiscal Policy Independence in a European Monetary Union,” by Paul R. Masson and Jacques Melitz [90/24]

“Dynamic Responses to Policy and Exogenous Shocks in an Empirical Developing Country Model with Rational Expectations,” by Nadeem U. Haque and Peter Montiel [90/25]

“The Crisis in the Financial Sector and the Authorities’ Reaction: The Case of the Philippines,” by Jean-Claude Nascimento [90/26]

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Volume 3 September 1989 Number 3

Black Market Premia, Exchange Rate Unification, and Inflation in Sub-Saharan Africa Brian Pinto

Indexation and Inflationary Inertia:

Brazil, 1964-1985

Fernando de Holanda Barbosa and Paul D. McNelis

External Debt, Inflation, and the Public Sector:

Toward Fiscal Policy for Sustainable Growth

Sweder van Wijnbergen

Fiscal Response to a Temporary Trade Shock:

The Aftermath of the Kenyan Coffee Boom

D.L. Bevan, P. Collier, and J.W. Gunning

Determinants of Consumption and Savings

Behavior in Developing Countries

Lakshmi K. Raut and Arvind Virmani

Ending Food Subsidies: Nutritional, Welfare

and Budgetary Effects

Karim Laraki

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