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Vol. XXII No. 2

JULY 1975


  • Floating Exchange Rates, Asymmetrical Intervention, and the Management of International Liquidity

    • j. marcus fleming

  • Sharing the Oil Deficit

    • andrew d. crockett and duncan ripley

  • Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies in a Small Open Economy

    • vicente galbis

  • Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies in a Small Open Economy

    • vicente galbis

  • The Theory of Optimum Currency Areas: A Survey

    • yoshihide ishiyama

  • International Aspects of the Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders

    • mitsuo sato and richard m. bird

  • Dual Markets: The Case of the Syrian Arab Republic

    • paul m. dickie and david b. noursi

  • Some Empirical Evidence on the Determinants of Wage and Price Movements in Japan, 1950–73: A Survey

    • ichiro otani

  • A Study of the Elasticity of the West Malaysian Income Tax System, 1961–70

    • nurun n. choudhry

  • Currency Arrangements and Banking Legislation in the Arabian Peninsula

    • michael e. edo

  • Inflation Adjustment Schemes Under the Personal Income Tax

    • amalio humberto petrei

  • The Euro-Dollar Deposit Multiplier: A Note

    • john hewson and eisuke sakakibara

  • Summaries

  • Résumés

  • Resúmenes

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Norman K. Humphreys, Editor

Editorial Committee

Norman K. Humphreys, Chairman

Jacques R. Artus

W. A. Beveridge

Sterie T. Beza

Charles L. Merwin

Subimal Mookerjee

Rose S. Porras

Harilaos Vittas

From the Foreword to the first issue:

“Among the responsibilities of the International Monetary Fund, as set forth in the Articles of Agreement, is the obligation to ‘act as a center for the collection and exchange of information on monetary and financial problems,’ and thereby to facilitate ‘the preparation of studies designed to assist members in developing policies which further the purposes of the Fund.’ The publications of the Fund are one way in which this responsibility is discharged.

“Through the publication of Staff Papers, the Fund is making available some of the work of members of its staff. The Fund believes that these papers will be found helpful by government officials, by professional economists, and by others concerned with monetary and financial problems. Much of what is now presented is quite provisional. On some international monetary problems, final and definitive views are scarcely to be expected in the near future, and several alternative, or even conflicting, approaches may profitably be explored. The views presented in these papers are not, therefore, to be interpreted as necessarily indicating the position of the Executive Board or of the officials of the Fund.”

The authors of the papers in this issue have received considerable assistance from their colleagues on the staff of the Fund. This general statement of indebtedness may be accepted in place of a detailed list of acknowledgments.

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