Silent Revolution: The International Monetary Fund, 1979-1989, James M. Boughton ($75.00) (see page 331)


Silent Revolution: The International Monetary Fund, 1979-1989, James M. Boughton ($75.00) (see page 331)


Silent Revolution: The International Monetary Fund, 1979-1989, James M. Boughton ($75.00) (see page 331)

World Economic and Financial Surveys

World Economic Outlook Outlook 2001 ($42.00; academic price $35.00) (see page 336)

Working Papers ($10.00)

01/113: The New Basel Capital Accord: The Devil Is in the (Calibration) Details, Paul H. Kupiec

01/127: Public Spending on Health Care and the Poor, Sanjeev Gupta, Marijn Verhoeven, and Erwin H. Tiongson

01/128: Migration, Human Capital, and Poverty in a Dual-Economy of a Developing Country, Paul R. Masson

01/131: Policies and Prospects in Japan and the Implications for the Asia-Pacific Region, Timothy Callen and Warwick J. McKibbin

01/132: Statistical Treatment of Accrual of Interest on Debt Securities, John Joisce and Chris Wright

01/133: Returns to Human Capital and Investment in New Technology, Martin D. Kaufman, Steven V. Dunaway, and Rodolfo Luzio

01/134: Pure Contagion and Investors Shifting Risk Appetite: Analytical Issues and Empirical Evidence, Manmohan S. Kumar and Avinash Persaud

01/135: Macroeconomic Policies and Poverty Reduction: Stylized Facts and an Overview of Research, Paul A. Cashin, Paolo Mauro, Catherine A. Pattillo, and Ratna Sahay

01/136: Rationing Rules and Outcomes: The Experience of Singapore’s Vehicle Quota System, Ling Hui Tan

01/137: International Financial Contagion and the IMF: A Theoretical Framework, Peter Clark and Haizhou Huang

01/138: Bank Reform and Bank Efficiency in Pakistan, Daniel C. Hardy and Emilia Bonaccorsi di Patti

01/140: A Model of Exchange Rate Regime Choice in the Transitional Economies of Central and Eastern Europe, Ratna Sahay

01/141: Financial Sector Evolution in the Central European Economies: Challenges in Supporting Macroeconomic Stability and Sustainable Growth, Dora M. Iakova and Nancy L. Wagner

01/142: IMF Conditionality and Country Ownership of Programs, Mohsin S. Khan and Sunil Sharma

01/143: Reserve Adequacy in Emerging Market Economies, J. Onno de Beaufort Wijnholds and Arend Kapteyn

01/144: Debt Relief Under the HIPC Initiative: Context and Outlook for Debt Sustainability and Resource Flow, Lisandro Abrego and Doris C. Ross

01/145: Fiscal Rules: Useful Policy Framework or Unnecessary Ornament? George Kopits

01/146: Real Convergence to EUIncome Levels: Central Europe from 1990 to the Long Term, Peter Doyle, Louis Kuijs, and Guorong Jiang

01/147: Asset Securitization and Structured Financing: Future Prospects and Challenges for Emerging Market Countries, Lakshman Alles

01/148: What Does South Africa’s Pattern of Trade Say About Its Labor Market? Trevor Alleyne and Arvind Subramanian

01/149: Implementation of Monetary Policy and the Central Bank’s Balance Sheet, Andrea Schaechter

01/151: Monetary Policy with a Touch of Basel, Ralph Chami and Thomas F. Cosimano

01/152: Characterizing Exchange Rate Regimes in Post-Crisis East Asia, Taimur Baig

01/154: From Crisis to Recovery in Korea: Strategy, Achievements, and Lessons, Ajai Chopra, Kenneth Kang, Meral Karasulu, Hong Liang, Henry Ma, and Anthony Richards

01/155: Why Has the Euro Been So Weak? Guy Meredith

IMF Staff Country Reports ($15.00)

01/167: Tonga: Statistical Appendix

01/168: Côte d’Ivoire: 2001 Article IV Consultation

01/170: Nicaragua: Statistical Appendix

01/171: Nicaragua: 2001 Article IV Consultation

01/172: Nepal: 2001 Article IV Consultation

01/173: Nepal: Recent Economic Developments

01/174: Cape Verde: 2001 Article IV Consultation

01/175: Cape Verde: Statistical Appendix

01/176: Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: First Review Under the Stand-By Arrangement

01/177: Singapore: Selected Issues 01/178: Pakistan: Third Review Under the Stand-By Arrangement

01/179: Republic of Mozambique: Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility, Staff Report

01/180: South Africa: Report on Observance of Standards and Codes

01/181: India: Recent Economic Developments and Selected Issues

01/182: Mongolia: Staff Report on Request for PRGF

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