Available on the web (www.imf.org)


Available on the web (www.imf.org)

Available on the web (www.imf.org)

Press Releases

00/36: Senegal to Receive Around $800 Million in Debt-Service Relief, June 23 (see page 220)

00/37: Poverty Can Be Significantly Decreased by 2015: UN-World Bank-IMF-OECD Report, June 26 (see page 209)

News Briefs

00/46: IMF Completes First Review of Mauritania Under

PRGF-Supported Program, June 19 00/47: IMF Completes First Review of Senegal Under PRGF-Supported Program, June 21

00/48: IMF Completes Midterm Review of PRGF-Supported Program for Madagascar, June 23

00/49: Countries Publish More Detailed International Reserves Data on Internet, June 29 (see page 221)

Issues Briefs

Exchange Rate Regimes in a Increasingly Integrated World Economy, June 28

Public Information Notices (PINs)

00/41: Kingdom of the Netherlands, June 19

00/42: Cameroon, June 21

00/43: Albania, June 23

00/44: F.Y.R. of Macedonia, June 23

00/45: Mauritania, June 27


Remarks by IMF Deputy Managing Director Eduardo Aninat at the Development Policy Forum, June 15 (see page 211)

Address by IMF Deputy Managing Director Shigemitsu Sugisaki at the Oesterreichische Nationalbank Twenty-Eighth Economics Conference, June 16 (see page 215)

Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Economic and Financial Policies (date posted)

Honduras, June 12

Albania, June 22

Mauritania, June 22

Concluding Remarks for Article IV Consultations

Finland, June 12


Schedule of Public Engagements of IMF Management, June 16