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October 1991

What are the prospects for the global economy? How has it fared in the aftermath of the Middle East crisis and the economic transformation of Eastern Europe? The October 1991 World Economic Outlook, prepared by the IMF’s Research Department explores these and other Issues in its latest economic and financial analysis and forecasts for both industrial and developing countries. It assesses key economic variables—global output and trade, inflation, and financial flows—and gives short-term prospects for both country groups, and medium-term prospects under alternative policy scenarios.

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December 1991 • Volume 28• Number 4


Front Matter Page

  • Good News Out of Africa

    • Michel Camdessus

  • Searching for Household Food Security in Africa

    • Ridwan Ali & Barbara Pitkin

  • Lessons from the Export Processing Zone in Mauritius

    • Rolf Alter

  • Development and Cultural Values in Sub-Saharan Africa

    • Mamadou Dia

  • Health & Development Socioeconomic Implications of AIDS in Developing Countries

    • Jill Armstrong

  • Safe Motherhood—from Advocacy to Action

    • Anne Tinker

  • World Economy in Transition Improved Social Indicators in the Developing World, 1965–88

  • What Determines Military Expenditures?

    • Daniel Hewitt

  • Augmenting the IMF’S Resources

    • Orlando Roncesvalles & Andrew Tweedie

  • Interest Rates and Government Debt

    • Vito Tanzi & Mark Lutz

  • Guest Article Lessons in Economic Policymaking

    • Eduardo Lizano

  • Middle East Oil Exporters and World Savings

    • Shakour Shaalan & Howard Handy

  • Migrant Workers Migration in LDCs: Risk, Remittances, and the Family

    • Oded stark

  • What Determines Workers’ Remittances?

    • Sadek wahba

  • Informatics and the Developing World

    • Nagy Hanna

  • Books

  • The Development Frontier: Essays in Applied Economics by Peter Bauer

    • Callisto Madavo

  • Public Debt Management: Theory and History edited by Rudiger Dornbusch and Mario Draghi

    • Carlos Vegh

  • A Political Economy of the Middle East by Alan Richards and John Waterbury

    • Ismail Serageldin

  • Saudi Arabia’s Economy: Oil and the Search for Economic Development by Hossein Askari and Economic Development in Saudi Arabia: Consequences of the Oil Price Decline by Robert Looney

    • Zubair Iqbal

  • Mismatch and Labour Mobility edited by Fiorella Padoa Schioppa and Unemployment: A Problem of Policy by G.D.N. Worswick

    • Charles Adams

  • Essays in Honor of Edmond Malinvaud edited by Paul Champsaur et al

    • Bernard Ziller

  • Growth, Productivity, Unemployment edited by Peter Diamond

    • William Easterly

  • New Ideas from Dead Economists—An Introduction to Modern Economic Thought by Todd Buchholz

    • Rui Coutinho

  • Books in Brief

  • Letters

  • Index 1991

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