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  • Enhancing the effectiveness of surveillance

  • The Fund’s oversight of economic policies

    • G. G. Johnson

  • Food security and poverty in LDCs

  • Raising incomes, not just food supplies, is the key

    • Shiomo Reutlinger

  • Trends in grain consumption in the developing world, 1960-80

    • Donald Mitchell

  • World economy in transition

  • Food production and prices

  • The deficit experience in industrial countries

  • Fiscal deficits in their domestic and international setting

    • Vito Tanzi

  • Financial reform in China

  • Complementing the economic reform

    • Luc De Wulf

  • Unifying multiple exchange rates

  • The practical issues involved

    • José Saul Lizondo

  • Special Section Investing in development: lessons of World Bank experience

  • The conclusions of a major introspective review

    • Warren Baum and Stokes Tolbert

  • Foreign currency options

  • Reducing exchange risks: an innovative approach

    • Robert Feldman

  • Privatization and the public sector

  • Shifting activities to the private sector

    • Samuel Paul

  • Industrial restructuring in developing countries

  • The need and the means

    • Anil Sood and Harinder Kohli

  • Cooperating for growth and adjustment

  • The 1985 Annual Meetings of the Bank and the Fund

    • Charles Applegate and Susan Fennell

  • The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency: an update

  • Books

    • The global assembly line; decision making in international organizations; policy making in Mexico; managing and analyzing risk; OPEC investments; performance and prospects in industrial countries; energy policy; basic needs; and housing finance; reviewed by Yung Whee Rhee; Robert Effros; Eduardo Wiesner; Bahram Nowzad; David Goldsbrough; James Boughton; A. Ferroukhi; Pierre Landell-Mills; and Bertrand Renaud

  • Letters

  • Index 1985

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Finance & Development, December 1985
Author: International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.