Arab Republic of Egypt: Technical Assistance Report-Climate Public Investment Management Assessment
This report finds that Egypt has implemented important improvements in climate-aware planning and coordination across the public sector, and some initial steps to reflect climate change issues in appraisal and selection of investment projects, but that significant work remains. So far there has been limited progress in ensuring that budgeting, portfolio management and fiscal risk management is climate sensitive. In addition, many of the weaknesses in the overall framework for public investment described in a separate report, also undermine the capacities for climate-sensitive public investment management. The mission makes three main recommendations to address current weaknesses and further improve the climate change awareness of public investment management: 1) Integrate national climate strategies and objectives for both climate change adaptation and mitigation in national, sectoral, construction and spatial planning processes; 2) Reflect climate change considerations in project selection, budgeting, and portfolio management decisions; 3) Strengthen management of climate-related fiscal risks.
Technical Assistance Reports