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Annex. Key IMF Activities since the Fall 2018 Global Policy Agenda

Policy Advice and Economic Research
  • Analyzed risks to future house price growth and implications for monetary and macroprudential policies.

  • Presented a preliminary strategy to guide Fund’s engagement on social spending, in response to an IEO evaluation.

  • Delivered a study on youth labor market outcomes in emerging market and developing economies and policies to enhance youth job market prospects.

  • Investigated corporate market power in advanced and emerging market economies and its macroeconomic implications.

  • Studied how improved governance in fiscal frameworks and institutions can reduce corruption vulnerabilities and improve policy outcomes.

  • Finalized the update of the Fiscal Transparency Code to fully integrate natural resource management.

  • Initiated discussions of data provision to the Fund under Article VIII, Section 5, focusing on recent experience, emerging data needs, and the framework for data provision.

  • Studied the drivers of bilateral trade balances and the impact of tariffs on productivity, output, and employment; examined the drivers and implications of the decline in the relative price of capital goods; discussed key developments in the global trading system.

  • Outlined the work program of the joint World Bank-IMF multipronged approach for addressing emerging debt vulnerabilities.

  • Examined corporate taxation in the global economy, and deepened collaboration within the Platform for Collaboration on Tax.

  • Completed the Review of the Fund’s Strategy on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT).

  • Proposed a conceptual framework for assessing central bank digital currencies.

  • Held the 2nd IMF Fintech Roundtable, including a session on financial innovation and AML/CFT, jointly with Japan’s G20 Presidency and the Financial Action Task Force.

  • Delivered a study on fiscal policies for climate mitigation and adaptation to implement the 2015 Paris Agreement strategies.

  • Held high-level meetings on building resilience to natural disasters for the Caribbean and Pacific regions; advanced work on small states vulnerable to natural disasters.

  • Investigated the costing of attaining selected dimensions of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Analyzed the role of pension system design in an aging world; advanced work on a G20 note on the macroeconomic and fiscal implications of aging.

  • Advanced work on the Fund’s 2020 Comprehensive Surveillance Review and the 2020 Review of the Financial Sector Assessment Program (the latter joint with the World Bank).

  • Presented selected technical aspects of the Fund’s Review of Program Design and Conditionality.

  • Outlined reform proposals for the Fund’s 2018–19 Review of Facilities for Low-Income Countries.

  • Presented an assessment of the Debt Sustainability Framework for Market Access Countries and options to enhance it.

  • Presented initial considerations on the Review of the Fund’s Policy on Multiple Currency Practices.

  • Discussed preliminary options to strengthen the Article IV Excessive Delays Framework.

  • Completed the Review of the Fund’s Capacity Development Strategy.

  • Continued work on Fund resources and governance reforms.

  • Discussed cyber security issues and how to strengthen the Fund’s cyber resilience.

  • Advanced work on the Fund’s Comprehensive Compensation and Benefts Review.

  • Advanced work on modernizing HR policies and practices, implementing the Fund’s digital platform, and incorporating results-based management in capacity building.

Outstanding Credit and Commitments

(as of end–March 2019, in billions of SDR)1

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Numbers may not add up due to rounding.

Includes outstanding credit under expired arrangements and outright disbursements.

Available balance not yet drawn under current arrangements.

Joint Responsibility Shared Rewards: The Managing Director's Global Policy Agenda
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