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Update on the Financing of the Fund’s Concessional Assistance and Debt Relief to Low-Income Member Countries

Prepared by the Finance Department

(In consultation with the Legal and Policy Development and Review Departments)

Approved by Michael G. Kuhn

April 11, 2008


  • I. Introduction

  • II. Financing of PRGF-ESF Operations

    • A. Loan Resources

    • B. PRGF Subsidy Resources

    • C. ESF Subsidy Contributions

    • D. Medium-Term Financing Framework

  • III. Financing of HIPC and MDRI Debt Relief

    • A. Decision and Pre-Decision Point HIPCs

    • B. Remaining Protracted Arrears Cases

  • IV. Subsidization of Emergency Assistance

    • A. Current Status and Projected Subsidy Needs

    • B. Resource Mobilization Efforts

  • V. Proposed Decision

  • Text Tables

  • 1. PRGF-ESF Trust—Loan Resources

  • 2. PRGF Subsidy Requirements and Availability.

  • 3. PRGF-HIPC Trust—Pending Contributions

  • 4. ESF Subsidy Contributions

  • 5. Implementation of the HIPC Initiative

  • 6. Debt Relief Following Implementation of the MDRI

  • 7. Financing of Debt Relief to the Remaining HIPCs

  • 8. Subsidy Contributions for Emergency Assistance

  • 9. List of Countries that Have Benefited from Subsidization of Emergency Assistance

  • 10. Subsidy Resources and Projected Needs for Existing Emergency Assistance

  • 11. Summary of Bilateral Contributions to the PRGF-ESF and PRGF-HIPC Trusts

  • 12. PRGF-ESF Trust—Subsidy Agreements

  • 13. PRGF-ESF Trust—Loans Agreements

  • 14. Commitments to Finance the Cost of IMF’s Debt Relief to Liberia

  • 15. Information on Pending Bilateral Contributions to the PRGF-HIPC Trust

  • Figures

  • 1. New PRGF Commitments

  • 2. Financial Structure of the Fund’s Concessional Operations

  • Box

  • 1. The PRGF-ESF Trust Reserve Account—Purpose and Funding

Update on the Financing of the Fund's Concessional Assistance and Debt Relief to Low-Income Member Countries
Author: International Monetary Fund