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Appendix 1. Expanded Example of Linkages Between Different Projects in a COTS Implementation


Margaret Cotton is a Senior Economist in the Fiscal Affairs Department of the IMF. Gregory Dark is a member of the IMF’s roster of fiscal experts.


Common business process engineering methodology


Methodologies which use iterative steps rather than consecutive steps to design and build a system


COTS systems have many interconnections in-built—for instance, a change of registration details to include an extra tax-type can automatically include the creation of a new account, create new expectations for filing of a specific form, include that information in data analytics etc.


As test cases are developed, they can be stored and run automatically in future iterations of the system build to ensure functionality has not been altered.

Use of Technology in Tax Administrations 3: Implementing a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Tax System
Author: Ms. Margaret Cotton and Gregory Dark