This paper presents Jamaica’s Technical Assistance report on climate public investment management assessment (C-PIMA). Jamaica’s dependence on fossil fuels imports for energy generation calls for a transition to renewables even though Jamaica’s contribution to the worldwide greenhouse gases emissions is insignificant. Climate risks and natural disasters pose major threats to Jamaica’s public infrastructure and there is considerable scope to strengthen climate-responsive public investment. The C-PIMA assessment makes eight high-priority recommendations, which could improve climate-related public investment management processes in Jamaica and support green and sustainable economic growth. Progress has been made in the development of a comprehensive climate change policy framework and in planning for disaster risk financing. However, coordination across the central government and with municipal corporations is weak with no institution positioned strategically to lead either adaptation or mitigation related investments. The paper provides an action plan for the implementation of these recommendations over the short and medium term, identifies responsible agencies and areas where additional technical assistance could be useful.
IMF Staff Country Reports