Republic of Palau: Staff Report for the 2018 Article IV Consultation—Informational Annex

2018 Article IV Consultation-Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the Executive Director for the Republic of Palau


2018 Article IV Consultation-Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the Executive Director for the Republic of Palau

Fund Relations

(As of December 31, 2018)

Membership Status: Joined December 16, 1997; Article VIII

General Resources Account:

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SDR Department:

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Outstanding Purchases and Loans: None

Latest Financial Arrangements: None

Projected Payments to Fund: None

Implementation of HIPC Initiative: Not applicable

Implementation of MDRI Assistance: Not applicable

Implementation of CCR: Not applicable

Exchange Rate Arrangements: The de jure and de facto exchange rate arrangement is an arrangement with no separate legal tender. The U.S. dollar is legal tender and the official currency. Palau has accepted the obligations of Article VIII, Sections 2, 3 and 4 and maintains an exchange system free of restrictions on the making of payments and transfers for current international transactions.

Last Article IV Consultation: Palau is on a 24-month cycle. The 2016 Article IV Consultation discussions were held in Koror during May 18–31, 2016. The staff report (IMF Country Report No. 16/328) was considered by the Executive Board and the consultation concluded on September 9, 2016.

Technical Assistance: Technical assistance on tax policy, tax law, bank supervision, and statistics (GDP and government finance) has been provided mainly through PFTAC.

Resident Representative: The resident representative office in the Pacific Islands was opened in September 2010 in Suva, Fiji. Ms. Leni Hunter is the current Resident Representative.

Relations with Other IFIs

Relations with other International Financial Institutions:

Statistical Issues

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Palau: Table of Common Indicators Required for Surveillance

(As of December 2018)

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Includes reserve assets pledged or otherwise encumbered as well as net derivative positions.

Both market-based and officially-determined, including discount rates, money market rates, rates on treasury bills, notes and bonds.

Foreign, domestic bank, and domestic nonbank financing.

The general government consists of the central government (budgetary funds, extra budgetary funds, and social security funds) and state and local governments. The data for general government are not available due to lack of capacity.

Including currency and maturity composition.

Includes external gross financial asset and liability positions vis-à-vis nonresidents.

Daily (D); weekly (W); monthly (M); quarterly (Q); annually (A); and not available (NA).