Burkina Faso: Selected Issues
This Selected Issues paper on Burkina Faso focuses on the growth prospects of the country. Growth has become more robust and more resilient to chocks, resulting in the economy growing faster than regional standards. However, the perception within the country is that the population has not really benefited from this strong performance and that growth was not inclusive. Indicators show that results are mitigated. The improvements can be attributed to the authorities’ numerous measures on the matter but there are still some identified constraints that must be resolved in order to truly tackle the problem of poverty in the country. The level of the authorities’ poverty line has more than tripled over that period. Despite rapid demographic growth, World Development Indicators show notable improvements in living conditions in the country. The progress in poverty reduction and growth inclusiveness has been supported by numerous measures and projects undertaken by the Burkinabè authorities. The strategy for accelerated growth and durable development is a framework of measures aiming at reducing poverty while insuring economic stability.
IMF Staff Country Reports