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July 2002

IMF Country Report No. 02/148

Liberia: Statistical Appendix

This Statistical Appendix paper for Liberia was prepared by a staff team of the International Monetary Fund as background documentation for the periodic consultation with the member country. It is based on the information available at the time it was completed on February 11, 2002. The views expressed in this document are those of the staff team and do not necessarily reflect the views of the government of Liberia or the Executive Board of the IMF.

The policy of publication of staff reports and other documents by the IMF allows for the deletion of market-sensitive information.

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Statistical Appendix

Prepared by a staff team consisting of Kenneth Meyers (head), Markus Haacker (both AFR), Peter Fallon (PDR), and Ashok Bhatia (EP, TRE)

Approved by the African Department

February 11, 2002


  • Tables

  • 1. Sectoral Gross Domestic Product, 1988 and 1997–2001

  • 2. Sectoral Origin of GDP at Current Prices, 1998 and 1997–2001

  • 3. Sectoral Origin of GDP at 1992 Constant Prices, 1988 and 1997–2001

  • 4. Selected Annual Output Indicators by Volume, 1988 and 1997–2001

  • 5. Selected Monthly Output Indicators by Volume, January 1999-September 2001

  • 6. Selected Monthly Output Indicators by Value, January 1999-September 2001

  • 7. Consumer Price Index, May 1998-October 2001

  • 8. Central Government Revenue, 1997–2001

  • 9. Economic Classification of Central Government Expenditure, 1997–2001

  • 10. Summary Accounts of the Central Bank of Liberia, December 1998-October 2001

  • 11. Summary Accounts of Deposit Money Banks, December 1998-October 2001

  • 12. Major Exports, 1987–88 and 1999–2001

  • 13. Merchandise Trade—Imports by Category, 1987–88 and 1999–2001

  • 14. Direction of Exports, 1989 and 2000–01

  • 15. Summary of Tax System

Liberia: Statistical Appendix
Author: International Monetary Fund