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  • Abstract
  • I. Introduction
  • II. Education1
    • A. The learning crisis and its causes
      • Immediate causes of the learning crisis
      • Systemic causes of the learning crisis
    • B. Three policy responses
      • Assess learning
      • Make schools work for learners
      • Reform the system
  • III. Health Care
    • A. The challenges
    • B. Building a high-performing health system
      • Moving away from hospital-centric structures, by increasing the availability, effectiveness, and quality of primary care
      • Improving quality of care in treating both chronic and acute illness
      • Reforming mechanisms for paying health-care providers
      • Improving the price and availability of critical medical products
      • Accelerating technological transformation, while prioritizing among available interventions and technologies
    • C. Efficient, equitable financing
  • IV. Reasons for Optimism: Case Studies of Successful Reform
    • A. Overall human-capital development
    • B. Successes in education
    • C. Successes in health care
  • V. Conclusion
  • VI. References
Education and Health for Inclusiveness
Author: Deon Filmer, Roberta Gatti, Halsey Rogers, Mr. Nikola Spatafora, and Drilona Emrullahu