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Western Hemisphere Department


  • I. Introduction

  • II. Literature Review

  • III. Stylized Facts

  • A. Economic Development

  • B. Public Policy and Institutions

  • C. Socio-demographic

  • D. Globalization and Openness

  • E. Public Debt

  • IV. Quantitative Analysis: The Association of Inequality and Redistribution with Social and Economic Indicators.

  • A. Data Issues

  • B. Econometric Specification

  • C. Empirical Results: Association between social and economic indicators and inequality

  • D. Empirical Results: What country characteristics are linked to higher levels of redistribution?

  • V. Conclusions and Policy Implications

  • Figures

  • Figure 1. Gini Index – SWIID Estimates vs Historical Data

  • Figure 2. Box Plots of the Variables Included in the “Inequality” Regression

  • Figure 3. Box Plots of the Variables Included in the “Absolute Redistribution” Regression

  • Tables

  • Table 1. Identifying Variables Associated with Inequality (Gini Index)

  • Table 2. Inequality Regression: Additional Marginal Effects

  • Table 3. Identifying Variables Associated with Inequality Reduction as a result of Fiscal Policies

  • Appendixes

  • Annex 1: Country Sample – 31 Countries

Income Inequality in Small States and the Caribbean: Stylized Facts and Determinants
Author: Arnold McIntyre, Mr. Takuji Komatsuzaki, and Mr. Mauricio Vargas