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Author: Jorge Salas1
  • 1, International Monetary Fund

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  • Abstract

  • I. Introduction

  • II. Recent Evolution of Spanish Exports: A Brief Description

  • III. Assessing the Drivers of Export Growth

  • IV. A Closer Look at the Role of Labor Market Reforms: Impact of Employment Protection on Exports in a Cross-Country Framework

  • V. Conclusions

  • References

  • Box

  • Counterfactual: Competitiveness and Exports with more Flexible Wages Since 2008

  • Tables

  • 1. Standard Determinants of Exports

  • 2. Effects of Employment Protection on Export Growth

  • Appendix

  • Further Details and Results Related to the Cross-Country Panel Regressions

Drivers of Spain’s Export Performance and the Role of the Labor Market Reforms
Author: Jorge Salas