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  • Abstract

  • I. Introduction

  • II. Bank Lending and Monetary Policy

    • A. Lending Responses to Endogenous Monetary Policy Changes

    • B. Policy Endogeneity and Bank Characteristics

  • III. Econometric Methodology

    • A. Monetary Policy Identification

    • B. Regression Specification

    • C. Data

  • IV. Empirical Results

    • A. Effects of Bank Size and Holding Company Status

    • B. Effects of Balance Sheet Composition

    • C. Stability of the Baseline Results

  • V. Robustness

  • VI. Conclusion

  • Tables

  • Figures

  • References

Heterogeneous Bank Lending Responses to Monetary Policy: New Evidence from a Real-time Identification
Author: Mr. John C Bluedorn, Mr. Christopher Bowdler, and Mr. Christoffer Koch