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  • 1, International Monetary Fund

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  • I. Introduction
  • II. Econometric Analysis Using Bank-Level Data
    • A. The Empirical Model
    • B. Data and Summary Statistics
  • III. Econometric Results
    • A. Does Rapid Credit Growth Worsen Bank Soundness? Do Sounder Banks Grow Faster?
    • B. Do Risks Differ During Credit Booms?
    • C. Do Risks Depend on Bank Ownership?
  • IV. Concluding Remarks
  • References
  • Table
  • 1a. Summary Statistics: Bank-Level Variables
  • 1b. Summary Statistics: Country-Level Variables
  • 2. Baseline Regression Result
  • 3. Regression Results: Boom Effect
  • 4. Regression Results: Rapid Bank Effect
  • 5. Regression Results: Ownership Effect
  • Appendix
  • I. Distance to Default Measures
  • II. Data Sources and Definitions
  • Appendix Table
  • 1. List of Countries in the Sample
Credit Growth and Bank Soundness: Fast and Furious?
Author: Ms. Deniz O Igan and Marcelo Pinheiro