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  • 1, International Monetary Fund

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Monetary and Capital Markets Department

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  • Abbreviations and Acronyms

  • I. Background

  • II. Legal Framework, Objectives, and Macroeconomic Linkages

    • A. Legal Basis and Form

    • B. Objectives and Macroeconomic Linkages

    • C. Funding and Withdrawal Rules

    • D. Statistics Compilation and Reporting

  • III. Institutional Framework and Governance Structure

    • A. Institutional Framework

    • B. Accountability

    • C. Integrity of Operations

  • IV. Investment Policies and Risk anagement Frameworks

    • A. Investment Policies

    • B. Risk Management Frameworks

    • C. External Asset Managers

    • D. Other Information

    • E. Conclusion

  • References

Sovereign Wealth Funds: Current Institutional and Operational Practices
Author: Mr. Peter J Kunzel, Cornelia Hammer, and Iva Petrova