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  • I. Introduction

  • II. The Speed of Adjustment

    • A. Adjustment Costs

    • B. Credibility

    • C. Feasibility

    • D. Risks

    • E. Other Factors

  • III. Sequencing

    • A. Trade Reform

    • B. Capital Account Liberalization

    • C. Financial Markets

    • D. Price Liberalization, Market Reform, and Privatization

  • IV. Guidelines for Reform

  • Box 1. Definitions of Speed and Sequencing

  • Tables

  • 1. The Speed of Adjustment: Contradictory Views?

  • 2. Schematic Views of Selected Sequencing Proposals

  • References

The Speed of Adjustment and the Sequencing of Economic Reforms: Issues and Guidelines for Policymakers
Author: Mr. Saleh M. Nsouli, Mr. Mounir Rached, and Mr. Norbert Funke