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Working Paper Summaries WP/95/80

January-June 1995


WP/95/1 (January 1995)

by Victoria P. Summers and Emil M. Simley “An Analysis of Value-Added Taxes in Russia and Other Countries of the Former Soviet Union”

WP/95/15 (February 1995)

“Compilation of Working Paper Summaries (July-December 1994)”

WP/95/2 (January 1995)

by Marie Montanjees “Government Finance Statistics in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union: Compilation and Methodological Issues”

WP/95/3 (January 1995)

by Masao Ogaki, Jonathan D. Ostry, and Carmen M. Reinhart “Saving Behavior in Low- and Middle-Income Developing Countries: A Comparison”

WP/95/4 (January 1995)

by Felix FitzRoy and Michael Funke “Skills, Wages, and Employment in Eastern and Western Germany”

WP/95/5 (January 1995)

by Dennis J. Snower “The Simple Economics of Benefit Transfers”

WP/95/6 (January 1995)

by Piritta Sorsa “Environmental Protectionism, North-South Trade, and the Uruguay Round”

WP/95/7 (January 1995)

by Dennis J. Snower “Evaluating Unemployment Policies: What do the Underlying Theories Tell Us?”

WP/95/8 (January 1995)

by Ratna Sahay and Carlos Vegh “Inflation and Stabilization in Transition Economies: A Comparison with Market Economies”

WP/95/9 (January 1995)

by Sayuri Shirai “The Pattern of International Trade Between Japan and the Pacific Basin Countries: A Comparison Between 1975 and 1985”

WP/95/10 (January 1995)

by Pierre-Richard Agénor “Wage Contracts, Capital Mobility, and Macroeconomic Policy”

WP/95/11 (January 1995)

by Daniel Hewitt and Caroline van Rijckeghem “Wage Expenditure of Central Governments”

WP/95/12 (January 1995)

by Hamid Faruqee “Pricing to Market and the Real Exchange Rate”

WP/95/13 (January 1995)

by Vincent Koen and Michael Marrese “Stabilization and Structural Change in Russia, 1992-94”

WP/95/14 (February 1995)

by Ronald MacDonald “Long-Run Exchange Rate Modeling: A Survey of the Recent Evidence”

WP/95/16 (February 1995)

by Teresa Ter-Minassian, Pedro P. Parente, and Pedro Martinez-Mendez

“Setting up a Treasury in Economies in Transition”

WP/95/17 (February 1995)

by Alan A. Tait and S. Nuri Erbas

“Excess Wages Tax”

WP/95/18 (February 1995)

by Nancy Wagner

“A Review of PFP-Adjusted GDP Estimation and its Potential Use for the Fund’s Operational Purposes”

WP/95/19 (February 1995)

by Michael T. Hadjimichael and Daneshwar Ghura “Public Policies and Private Savings and Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Empirical Investigation”

WP/95/20 (February 1995)

by Pierre-Richard Agénor and Joshua Aizenman

“Trade Liberalization and Unemployment”

WP/95/21 (February 1995)

by Patrick de Fontenay, Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti, and Huw Pill

“The Role of Foreign Currency Debt in Public Debt Management”

WP/95/22 (February 1995)

by Vito Tanzi and Anthony Pellechio

“The Reform of Tax Administration”

WP/95/23 (February 1995)

by Ferdinand Bakoup, Abdelrahmi Bessaha, and Luca Errico

“Regional Integration in Eastern and Southern Africa: The Cross-Border Initiative and its Fiscal Implications”

WP/95/24 (February 1995)

by Paolo Mauro

“Current Account Surpluses and the Interest Rate Island in Switzerland”

WP/95/25 (February 1995)

by Christoph B. Rosenberg

“Fiscal Policy Coordination in the West African Economic and Monetary Union After the Devaluation”

WP/95/26 (March 1995)

by Richard K. Abrams

“The Design and Printing of Bank Notes: Considerations When Introducing a New Currency”

WP/95/27 (March 1995)

by Juan Jose Fernandez-Ansola and Thomas Laursen

“Historical Experience with Bond Financing to Developing Countries”

WP/95/28 (March 1995)

by Paul Cashin and Norman Loayza

“Paradise Lost? Growth, Convergence and Migration in the South Pacific”

WP/95/29 (March 1995)

by Sheetal K. Chand and Parthasarathi Shome

“Poverty Alleviation in a Financial Programming Framework: An Integrated Approach”

WP/95/30 (March 1995)

by Robert Ford and Douglas Laxton

“World Public Debt and Real Interest Rates”

WP/95/31 (March 1995)

by Vittorio Grilli and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti

“Economic Effects and Structural Determinants of Capital Controls”

WP/95/32 (March 1995)

by Craig Hiemstra and Charles Kramer

“Nonlinearity and Endogeneity in Macro-Asset Pricing”

WP/95/33 (March)

by Patricia Canziani and Dimitri G. Demekas

“The Italian Public Pension System: Current Prospects and Reform Options”

WP/95/34 (March 1995)

by Russell Krueger and Jiming Ha

“Measurement of Co-Circulation of Currencies”

WP/95/35 (March 1995)

by Leonardo Bartolini, Assaf Razin, and Steve Symansky

“Fiscal Restructuring in the Group of Seven Major Industrial Countries in the 1990s: Macroeconomic Effects”

WP/95/36 (March 1995)

by Robert J. Flanagan

“Wage Structure in the Transition of the Czech Economy”

WP/95/37 (April 1995)

by Michael Keane and Eswar Frasad

“The Employment and Wage Effects of Oil Price Changes: A Sectoral Analysis”

WP/95/38 (April 1995)

by Carlo Cottarelli, Giovanni Ferri, and Andrea Generale

“Bank Lending Rates and Financial Structure in Italy: A Case Study”

WP/95/39 (April 1995)

by Hamid Faruqee and Aasim M. Husain

“Saving Trends in Southeast Asia: A Cross-Country Analysis”

WP/95/40 (April 1995)

by Luis Catāo and Ramana Ramaswamy

“Recession and Recovery in the United Kingdom in the 1990s: A Vector Autoregression Approach”

WP/95/41 (April 1995)

by Robert Ford and Thomas Krueger

“Exchange Rate Movements and Inflation Performance: The Case of Italy”

WP/95/42 (April 1995)

by Alberto Carrasquilla

“Exchange Rate Bands and Shifts in the Stabilization Policy Regime: Issues Suggested by the Experience of Colombia”

WP/95/43 (April 1995)

by Tamim Bayoumi

“Who Needs Bands? Exchange Rate Policy Before EMU”

WP/95/44 (April 1995)

by Tapio O. SaavalaineThe Maastricht treaty markedn

“Stabilization in the Baltic Countries: A Comparative Analysis”

WP/95/45 (April 1995)

by Anthony Richards and Gunnar Tersman

“Growth, Nontradables, and Price Convergence in the Baltics”

WP/95/46 (April 1995)

by Vito Tanzi and John King

“The Taxation of Financial Assets: A Survey of Issues and Country Experiences”

WP/95/47 (May 1995)

by Robert A. Feldman and Vincent Reinhart

“Auction Format Matters: Evidence on Bidding Behavior and Seller Revenue”

WP/95/48 (May 1995)

by Piritta Sorsa

“The Burden of Sub-Saharan African Own Commitments in the Uruguay Round Myth or Reality?”

WP/95/49 (May 1995)

by Vito Tanzi and Domenico Fanizza

“Fiscal Deficit and Public Debt in Industrial Countries, 1970-1994”

WP/95/50 (May 1995)

by David Bevan

“Fiscal Implications of Trade Liberalization”

WP/95/51 (May 1995)

by Paul R. Masson, Tamim Bayounti, and Hossein Same

“International Evidence on the Determinants of Private Saving”

WP/95/52 (May 1995)

by Giorgia Giovannetti and Hossein Samiei

“Hysteresis in Exports”

WP/95/53 (May 1995)

by Malcolm Knight, Norman Loayza, and Delano Villanueva

“The Peace Dividend: Military Spending Cuts and Economic Growth”

WP/95/54 (May 1995)

by Paula de Masí and Vincent Koen

“Relative Price Convergence in Russia”

WP/95/55 (June 1995)

by Ronald MacDonald

“Asset Market and Balance of Payments Characteristics: An Eclectic Exchange Rate Model for the Dollar, Mark, and Yen”

WP/95/56 (May 1995)

by Michael Sarel

“NonLinear Effects of Inflation on Economic Growth”

WP/95/57 (May 1995)

by Guillermo Calvo, Ratna Sahay, and Carlos Végh

“Capital Flows in Central and Eastern Europe: Evidence and Policy Options”

WP/95/58 (June 1995)

by Paul Cashin and C. John McDermott

“Informational Efficiency in Developing Equity Markets”

WP/95/59 (June 1995)

by Edward M. Graham

“Foreign Direct Investment in the World Economy”

WP/95/60 (June 1995)

by Paul Bernd Spahn

“International Financial Flows and Transactions Taxes: Survey and Options”

WP/95/61 (June 1995)

by Burkhard Drees and Ceyla Pa2arbasioğlu

“The Nordic Banking Crises: Pitfalls in Financial Liberalization?”

Working Paper Summaries (WP/95/1 - WP/95/61)
Author: International Monetary Fund