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Working Paper Summaries

January-June 1993


  • WP/93/1 (January 1993) by Francesco Caramazza “French-German Interest Rate Differentials and Time-Varying Realignment Risk”

  • WP/93/4 (February 1993) Compilation of Summaries (July-December 1992)

  • WP/93/47 (June 1993) No summary issued

  • WP/93/2 (January 1993) by Parthasarathi Shome and Christian Schutte “Cash-Flow Tax”

  • WP/93/3 (January 1993) by Julio A. Santaella “Stabilization Programs and External Enforcement: Experience from the 1920s”

  • WP/93/5 (February 1993) by Ephraim Kleiman “Taxes and the Price Level: A Further Examination of the PPP Hypothesis”

  • WP/93/6 (February 1993) by Joshua Aizenman and Peter Isard “Resource Allocation During the Transition to a Market Economy: Policy Implications of Supply Bottlenecks and Adjustment Costs”

  • WP/93/7 (January 1993) by Vicente Galbis “High Real Interest Rates Under Financial Liberalization: Is There a Problem?”

  • WP/93/8 (February 1993) by S. Ehtisham Ahmad and Jean-Luc Schneider “Alternative Social Security Systems in CIS Countries”

  • WP/93/9 (February 1993) by S. Ehtisham Ahmad “Poverty, Demographic Characteristics, and Public Policy in CIS Countries”

  • WP/93/10 (January 1993) by Michael G. Papaioannou and Tugrul Temel “Portfolio Performance of the SDR and Reserve Currencies: Tests Using the ARCH Methodology”

  • WP/93/11 (February 1993) by David T. Coe and Reza Moghadam “Capital and Trade as Engines of Growth in France: An Application of Johansen’s Cointegration Methodology”

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  • WP/93/12 (February 1993) by Robert A, Feldman and Rajnish Mehra “Auctions: Theory and Possible Applications to Economies in Transition”


  • WP/93/13 (February 1993) by Linda S. Goldberg “Exchange-Rate Unification with Black Market Leakages: Russia 1992”

  • WP/93/14 (February 1993) by Enrique G. Mendoza, Assaf Razin, and Linda L. Tesar “A Comparative Analysis of the Structure of Tax Systems in Industrial Countries”

  • WP/93/15 (February 1993) by José Barrionuevo “Asset Pricing in the International Economy”

  • WP/93/16 (February 1993) by Bankim Chadha, Fabrizio Coricelli, and Kornélia Krajnyák “Economic Restructuring, Unemployment, and Growth in a Transition Economy”

  • WP/93/17 (March 1993) by Tamim Bayoumi, Daniel Hewitt, and Jerald Schiff “Economic Consequences of Lower Military Spending: Some Simulation Results”

  • WP/93/18 (March 1993) by Daniel P. Hewitt “Military Expenditures 1972-1990: The Reasons Behind the Post-1985 Fall in World Military Spending”

  • WP/93/19 (March 1993) by Zuliu Hu “The Yield Curve and Real Activity”

  • WP/93/20 (March 1993) by Tamim Bayoumi and Barry Eichengreen “Monetary and Exchange Rate Arrangements for NAFTA”

  • WP/93/21 (March 1993) by Vito Tanzi and Parthasarathi Shome “A Primer on Tax Evasion”

  • WP/93/22 (March 1993) by Vito Tanzi “Fiscal Policy and the Economic Restructuring of Economies in Transition”

  • WP/93/23 (March 1993) by Hugh Bredenkamp “Conducting Monetary and Credit Policy in Countries of the Former Soviet Union: Some Issues and Options”

  • WP/93/24 (March 1993) by James M. Boughton “The Demand for Ml in the United States: A Comment on Baba, Hendry, and Starr”

  • WP/93/25 (March 1993) by Ramana Ramaswamy and Robert Rowthorn “Centralized Bargaining, Efficiency Wages, and Flexibility’

  • WP/93/26 (March 1993) by Zuliu Hu “Intertemporal Substitution in Consumption Revisited

  • WP/93/27 (March 1993) by Ian Parry, Sanjeev Gupta, and Kenneth Miranda “Public Expenditure Policy and the Environment: A Review and Synthesis”

  • WP/93/28 (March 1993) by Paul R. Masson and Steven Symansky “Evaluating the EMS and EMU Using Stochastic Simulations: Some Issues

  • WP/93/29 (March 1993) by Guillermo A. Calvo and Carlos A. Végh “Stabilization Dynamics and Backward-Looking Contracts”

  • WP/93/30 (March 1993) by Khaled Sakr “Determinants of Private Investment in Pakistan”

  • WP/93/31 (March 1993) by José De Gregorio “Savings, Growth, and Capital Markets Imperfections: The Case of Borrowing Constraints”

  • WP/93/32 (April 1993) by Reza Moghadam “Labor Market Issues in Belgium: An International Perspective”

  • WP/93/33 (April 1993) by Paul R. Masson, Jeroen Kremers, and Jocelyn Home “Net Foreign Assets and International Adjustment: The United States, Japan, and Germany”

  • WP/93/34 (April 1993) by Atish R. Ghosh and Jonathan D. Ostry “Do Capital Flows Reflect Economic Fundamentals in Developing Countries?”

  • WP/93/35 (April 1993) by Daniel C. Hardy “Reserve Requirements and Monetary Management: An Introduction”

  • WP/93/36 (April 1993) by Vicente Galbis “Experience With Floating Interbank Exchange Rate Systems in Five Developing Economies”

  • WP/93/37 (April 1993) by A. Javier Hamann “Private Saving, Public Saving, and the Inflation Tax: Another Look at an Old Issue”

  • WP/93/38 (April 1993) by J. Saul Lizondo “Real Exchange Rate Targeting Under Imperfect Asset Substitutability”

  • WP/93/39 (April 1993) by Mohamed A. El-Erian and Shamsuddin Tareq “Economic Reform in Arab Countries: A Review of Structural Issues for the Remainder of the 1990s”

  • WP/93/40 (May 1993) by Gerd Schwartz “Toward an Economic Theory of Multilateral Development Banking”

  • WP/93/41 (May 1993) by Delano Villanueva “Exports and Economic Development”

  • WP/93/42 (May 1993) by Xavier Maret and Gerd Schwartz “Poland: The Social Safety Net During the Transition”

  • WP/93/43 (May 1993) by S. Ehtisham Ahmad and Nigel Chalk “On Improving Public Expenditure Policies for the Poor: Major Informational Requirements”

  • WP/93/44 (May 1993) by Michael Keane and Eswar Prasad “The Relation Between Skill Levels and the Cyclical Variability of Employment, Hours, and Wages”

  • WP/93/45 (May 1993) by José De Gregorio, Alberto Giovannini, and Thomas H. Krueger “The Behavior of Nontradable Goods Prices in Europe: Evidence and Interpretation”

  • WP/93/46 (May 1993) by Gabrielle Lipworth and Erich Spitäller “Viet Nam--Reform and Stabilization, 1986-92”

  • WP/93/48 (June 1993) by Michael J. Artis and Mark P. Taylor “DEER Hunting: Misalignment, Debt Accumulation, and Desired Equilibrium Exchange Rates”

  • WP/93/49 (June 1993) by Richard K. Abrams and Hernán Cortés-Douglas “Introduction of a New National Currency: Policy, Institutional, and Technical Issues”

  • WP/93/50 (June 1993) by Arvind Subramanian, Ali Ibrahim, and Luis A. Torres-Castro “Optimal Tariffs: Theory and Practice”

  • WP/93/51 (June 1993) by Mohsin S. Khan and Manmohan S. Kumar “Public and Private Investment and the Convergence of Per Capita Incomes in Developing Countries”

  • WP/93/52 (June 1993) by Guy Meredith “Revisiting Japan’s External Adjustment Since 1985”

  • WP/93/53 (June 1993) by Jonathan Levin “An Analytical Framework of Environmental Issues”

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  • WP/93/54 (June 1993) by George Kopits “Lessons in Fiscal Consolidation for the Successor States of the Soviet Union”

Working Paper Summaries (WP/93/1 - WP/93/54)
Author: International Monetary Fund