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International Monetary Fund. Western Hemisphere Dept.
Published Date:
May 2017
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    Grupos de países y abreviaturas de países y regiones

    Grupos de países

    CAPRDPaíses caribeñosPaíses caribeñosAméricaUnión MonetariaAL-7AL-6América
    exportadores dedependientesCentraldel Caribedel Sur
    materias primasdel turismoOriental (ECCU)
    Costa RicaBeliceAntigua yBeliceAnguilaArgentinaBrasilArgentina
    El SalvadorGuyanaBarbudaCosta RicaAntigua yBrasilChileBolivia
    GuatemalaSurinameLas BahamasEl SalvadorBarbudaChileColombiaBrasil
    HondurasTrinidad yBarbadosGuatemalaDominicaColombiaMéxicoChile
    RepúblicaJamaicaPanamáSaint Kitts yUruguayGuyana
    DominicanaSaint Kitts y NevisNevis

    Santa Lucía

    San Vicente y las GranadinasSan Vicente y las GranadinasSuriname

    Santa LucíaVenezuela

    Abreviaturas de las regiones

    África subsaharianaAS
    Asia meridionalAM
    Economías de mercados emergentes y de mediano ingresoEMEMI
    Economías de mercados emergentes y en desarrolloEMED
    Economías emergentes y en desarrollo de AsiaEEDA
    Economías emergentes y en desarrollo de EuropaEEDE
    Europa y Asia CentralECA
    Oriente Medio y Norte de ÁfricaOMNA

    Lista de abreviaturas de países

    Antigua y BarbudaATG
    Las BahamasBHS
    Costa RicaCRI
    El SalvadorSLV
    Estados UnidosUSA
    República DominicanaDOM
    Saint Kitts y NevisKNA
    San Vicente y las GranadinasVCT
    Santa LucíaLCA
    Trinidad y TobagoTTO

    Publicaciones recientes del Departamento del Hemisferio Occidental, abril de 2016 a marzo de 2017

    IMF Cluster Reports

    IMF Country Report No. 17/66

    Cluster Report—Trade Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Valerie Cerra; Kimberly Beaton; Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov; Rosalind Mowatt

    IMF Working Papers


    Understanding Corporate Vulnerabilities in Latin America

    Carlos Caceres; Fabiano Rodrigues Bastos


    Structural Reform and Growth: What Really Matters? Evidence from the Caribbean

    Kevin Greenidge; Meredith Arnold McIntyre; Hanlei Yun


    Power It Up: Strengthening the Electricity Sector to Improve Efficiency and Support Economic Activity

    Gabriel Di Bella; Francesco Grigoli


    Estimating the Effects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

    Diego A. Cerdeiro


    Global Financial Conditions and Monetary Policy Autonomy

    Carlos Caceres; Yan Carriere- Swallow; Bertrand Gruss


    Income Polarization in the United States

    Ali Alichi; Kory Kantenga; Juan Solé


    What’s Up with U.S. Wage Growth and Job Mobility?

    Stephan Danninger


    What is Keeping U.S. Core Inflation Low: Insights from a Bottom-Up Approach

    Yasser Abdih; Ravi Balakrishnan; Baoping Shang


    U.S. Dollar Dynamics: How Important Are Policy Divergence and FX Risk Premiums?

    Ravi Balakrishnan; Stefan Laseen; Andrea Pescatori


    Outside the Band: Depreciation and Inflation Dynamics in Chile

    Esther Pérez Ruiz


    Inflation and the Black Market Exchange Rate in a Repressed Market: A Model of Venezuela

    Valerie Cerra


    Testing Piketty’s Hypothesis on the Drivers of Income Inequality: Evidence from Panel VARs with Heterogeneous Dynamics

    Carlos Góes


    Highways to Heaven: Infrastructure Determinants and Trends in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Valerie Cerra; Alfredo Cuevas; Carlos Goes; Izabela Karpowicz; Troy Matheson; Issouf Samake; Svetlana Vtyurina


    How to Improve Inflation Targeting in Canada

    Maurice Obstfeld; Kevin Clinton; Ondra Kamenik; Douglas Laxton; Yulia Ustyugova; Hou Wang


    U.S. Monetary Policy Normalization and Global Interest Rates

    Carlos Caceres; Yan Carriere- Swallow; Ishak Demir; Bertrand Gruss


    Central Banking in Latin America: The Way Forward

    Yan Carriere-Swallow; Luis I. Jacome H.; Nicolás E. Magud; Alejandro M. Werner


    Gone with the Wind: Estimating Hurricane and Climate Change Costs in the Caribbean

    Sebastián Acevedo Mejía


    Assessing Liquidity Buffers in the Panamanian Banking Sectors

    Andras Komaromi; Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov; Torsten Wezel


    Estimating Potential Output in Chile: A Multivariate Filter for Mining and Non-Mining Sectors

    Patrick Blagrave; Marika Santoro


    National Insurance Scheme Reforms in the Caribbean

    Koffie Nassar; Joel Okwuokei; Mike Li; Timothy Robinson; Saji Thomas


    Dominican Republic: Sectoral Financial Positions and Macroeconomic Vulnerabilities

    Svetlana Cerovic; Jose Saboin


    To Bet or Not to Bet: Copper Price Uncertainty and Investment in Chile

    Fabio Comelli; Esther Pérez Ruiz


    A Balancing Act: Reform Options for Paraguay’s Fiscal Responsibility Law

    Antonio David; Natalija Novta


    Non-Performing Loans in the ECCU: Determinants and Macroeconomic Impact

    Kimberly Beaton; Alla Myrvoda; Shernnel Thompson


    Macro-Financial Linkages and Heterogeneous Non-Performing Loans Projections: An Application to Ecuador

    Francesco Grigoli; Mario Mansilla; Martín Saldías


    Monetary Policy Credibility and Exchange Rate Pass-Through

    Bertrand Gruss; Fabián Valencia; Nicolás E Magud; Yan Carriere-Swallow


    Inequality and Growth: A Heterogeneous Approach

    Evelio Paredes; Francesco Grigoli; Gabriel Di Bella


    Does Gross or Net Debt Matter More for Emerging Market Spreads?

    Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov; Luca Antonio Ricci


    Potential Output Growth Estimates for Central America and the Dominican Republic

    Roberto García-Saltos; Iulia Ruxandra Teodoru; Fan Zhang


    Benefits of Global and Regional Financial Integration in Latin America

    Bennett W Sutton; Diva Singh; Luc Eyraud


    Financial Deepening in Mexico

    Alexander Herman; Alexander D. Klemm


    The Impact of Natural Resource Discoveries in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Closer Look at the Case of Bolivia

    Frederik G Toscani


    Terms-of-Trade Cycles and External Adjustment

    Alejandro M. Werner; Gustavo Adler; Nicolás E. Magud


    Women at Work in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Joyce Wong; Natalija Novta


    The Growth Return of Infrastructure in Latin America

    Sergi Lanau


    Composition of Trade in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov; Xiaodan Ding


    Revisiting the Link between Trade, Growth and Inequality: Lessons for Latin America and the Caribbean

    Aliona Cebotari; Andras Komaromi; Kimberly Beaton


    Trade Liberalization in Peru: Adjustment Costs Amidst High Labor Mobility

    Elin Baldárrago; Gonzalo Salinas


    Spillovers from U.S. Monetary Policy Normalization on Brazil and Mexico’s Sovereign Bond Yields

    Carlos Góes; Herman Kamil; Jeremy Zook; Mercedes García-Escribano; Phil De Imus; Roberto Perrelli; Shaun K. Roache


    Pension Reform Options in Chile: Some Tradeoffs

    Marika Santoro


    Labor Force Participation in Chile: Recent Trends, Drivers, and Prospects

    Patrick Blagrave; Marika Santoro

    Selected Issues Papers


    How Large Is Argentina’s Capital Accumulation Gap and How Can It Be Reduced? Lessons from Past Investment Surges

    Jorge Iván Canales-Kriljenko

    Argentina’s Fiscal Adjustment: How Can It Be Done?

    Diva Singh; Paolo Dudine

    Argentina’s Pension and Social Security System: A Sustainability Analysis

    Paolo Dudine

    Disinflation Under Inflation Targeting: A Small Macro Model for Argentina

    Jorge Ivan Canales-Kriljenko

    Enhancing The Effectiveness of Inflation Targeting in Argentina

    Luis Jacome

    Argentina’s Exports and Competitiveness: A Sectoral View On Trends and Prospects

    Lusine Lusinyan; Mariano Ortiz Villafañe

    Medium-Term Prospects for Argentina’s External Balance Sheet

    Alex Pienkowski; Jose Luis Saboin


    Data Issues and Post-Crisis Growth in Barbados

    Thomas Dowling; Judith Gold

    Understanding Tourism Flows in Barbados

    Nkunde Mwase; Judith Gold


    Toward A Better Understanding of Macro-Financial Linkages

    Jacques Bouhga-Hagbe; Dmitriy Kovtun; Joel Okwuokei; Kalin Tintchev; Chady El Khoury; Gomiluk Otokwala; Annamaria Kokenyne-Ivanics; Aditya Gaiha


    Financial and Business Cycles in Brazil

    Ivo Krznar; Troy Matheson

    Consumption in Brazil: Where to Next?

    Troy Matheson; Carlos Góes

    Fiscal Challenges of an Aging Population in Brazil

    Izabela Karpowicz; Carlos Mulas-Granados

    Stretching the Limits: The Evolution of Subnational Public Finances in Brazil

    Izabela Karpowicz; Carlos Mulas-Granados

    Effectiveness of Intervention in Brazil

    Christian Saborowski

    Upgrading Brazil’s Inflation Targeting Framework

    Silvia Domit

    Assessing Banking Sector Health in the Economic Downturn

    Ivo Krznar

    Costa Rica

    Macro-Financial Linkages

    Valentina Flamini

    Financial Sector Vulnerabilities

    Valentina Flamini

    Monetary Policy Stance

    Valentina Flamini; Rodrigo Mariscal Paredes

    Financial Deepening in Costa Rica

    Anna Ivanova; Rodrigo Mariscal; Joyce Wong

    Financial Inclusion in Costa Rica

    Anna Ivanova; Yixi Deng; Joyce Wong

    Recent Fiscal Developments and Medium-Term Sustainability

    Jaume Puig-Forné

    Balance Sheet Analysis

    Jaume Puig-Forné

    Selected Real Sector Issues

    Lennart Erickson; Iulia Teodoru; Dmitry Plotnikov

    Female Labor Force Participation in Costa Rica

    Anna Ivanova; Ryo Makioka; Joyce Wong


    Monetary and Financial Conditions in Colombia

    Francisco Roch

    Colombian Corporate Vulnerabilities and Macrofinancial Implications

    Mohamed Afzal Norat; David Jutrsa

    Inflation Dynamics in Colombia

    Sergi Lanau; Christina Kolerus


    A Savings Fund for Natural Disasters: An Application to Dominica

    Alejandro Guerson

    Credit Unions in Dominica: Financial Importance and Policy Challenges

    Saji Thomas

    Economic Impact of Tropical Storms

    Wayne Mitchell; Ke Wang

    El Salvador

    Puzzling Out the Salvadorian Growth, Migration, and Remittance Nexus

    Bogdan Lissovolik

    El Salvador: Potential Growth

    Iulia Teodoru

    A Fiscal Responsibility Law and Fiscal Rule for El Salvador: A Cross-Country View

    Bogdan Lissovolik

    The Salvadorian Pension System: In Search of Sustainability

    Bogdan Lissovolik

    Financial Developments in El Salvador: Deepening & Inclusion and Crowding Out

    Lukas Kohler; Joyce Wong; Diana Mikhail; Yixi Deng


    Guatemala Real Sector Issues

    Iulia Ruxandra Teodoru

    Fiscal Policy: Sustainability and Social Objectives

    Carlos Janada

    Monetary Policy Management

    Iulia Ruxandra Teodoru; Rodrigo Mariscal Paredes

    Macro Financial Linkage: Assessing Financial Risks

    Iulia Ruxandra Teodoru

    Macro Financial Linkage: Financial Development and Inclusion

    Anna Ivanova; Victoria Valente


    Benchmarking Social Spending Using Efficiency Frontiers

    Javier Kapsoli

    Corruption, Violence, and Economic Growth

    Dmitry Plotnikov

    Macroeconomic Impact of Lower Oil Prices in Honduras

    Diego Cerdeiro; Dmitry Plotnikov

    Banking Sector Stability in Honduras

    Garth P. Nicholls

    A Balance Sheet Approach to Macroeconomic Vulnerabilities

    Garth P. Nicholls; Giovanni Ugazio


    The Transmission of Monetary Policy Rates to Lending and Deposit Rates

    Alexander Klemm

    Global Conditions and Capital Flows to Emerging Markets: How Sensitive Is Mexico?

    Damien Puy

    Welfare Gains from Hedging Oil-Price Risk

    Chang Ma; Fabián Valencia

    Evaluating the Stance of Monetary Policy

    Alexander Klemm; Damien Puy


    A Balancing Act: Reform Options for Paraguay’s Fiscal Responsibility Law

    Antonio C. David; Natalija Novta

    Paraguay’s Credit Growth and Banking System Vulnerabilities—An Assessment

    Geoffrey Keim; Marika Santoro


    Assessing the Effectiveness of Panama’s Fiscal Framework

    Fang Yang

    Assessing Liquidity Buffers in the Panamanian Banking Sector

    Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov; Andras Komaromi; Torsten Wezel

    Economic Effects of Panama’s Offshore Banking Sector

    Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov

    Inclusive Growth in Panama

    Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov

    Spillovers from the Panama Canal Expansion

    Ana Ahijado; Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov; Andras Komaromi; Diego Cerdeiro


    The Adjustment to Commodity Price Shocks in Chile, Colombia and Peru

    Francisco Roch

    Fiscal Multipliers and Institutions in Peru: Getting the Largest Bang for the Sol

    Svetlana Vtyurina; Zulima Leal

    The Missing Link? Exchange Rate Volatility and De-Dollarization in Peru

    Greetje Everaert

    Selected Issues in International Taxation

    Roberto Schatan

    Trinidad y Tobago

    Fuel Subsidies in Trinidad and Tobago: Fiscal, Distributional, and Environmental Impacts

    Xin Li; Elie Canetti


    Balance Sheet Analysis in Uruguay—High Dollarization but Limited Risks

    Frederik Toscani

    Stress-Testing the Banking Sector

    Frederic Lambert

    Uruguay’s Neutral Interest Rate

    Frederic Lambert

    Increased Social Inclusion—The Role of Government Policies

    Bengt Petersson

    The Challenges of Population Aging for Pensions in Uruguay

    Frederic Lambert

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