Publications of the IMF African Department, 2009–2010

International Monetary Fund. African Dept.
Published Date:
April 2010
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2009The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Sub-Saharan AfricaAfrican Department
Tanzania: The Story of an African TransitionNord, Roger, Yuri Sobolev, David Dunn, Alejandro Hajdenberg, Niko Hobdari, Samar Maziad, and Stéphane Roudet
09/04 The Global Financial Crisis and Adjustments to Shocks in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda: A Balance Sheet Analysis PerspectiveMasha, Iyabo
09/03 Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Exchange Rates and Policies in Sub-Saharan AfricaBen Ltaifa, Nabil, Stella Kaendera, and Shiv Dixit
09/02 Spillover Effects and the East African Community: Explaining the Slowdown and the RecoveryDrummond, Paulo and Gustavo Ramirez
09/01 Foreign Exchange Reserve Adequacy in East African Community CountriesDrummond, Paulo, Aristide Mrema, Stéphane Roudet, and Mika Saito
09/20 The International Financial Crisis and Global Recession: Impact on the CEMAC Region and Policy ConsiderationsWakeman-Linn, John, Rafael A. Portillo, Plamen Iossifov, and Dimitre Millkov
09/16 The Global Financial Crisis: Impact on WAEMU Member Countries and Policy OptionsMueller, Johannes, Irene Yackovlev, and Hans Weisfeld
09/14 The Southern African Development Community’s Macroeconomic Convergence Program: Initial PerformanceBurgess, Robert
09/10 Fiscal Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa in Response to the Impact of the Global CrisisBerg, Andrew, Norbert Funke, Alejandro Hajdenberg, Victor Duarte Lledo, Rolando Ossowski, Martin Schindler, Antonio Spilimbergo, Shamsuddin Tareq, and Irene Yackovlev
10/66 ICT Equipment Investment and Growth in Low- and Lower-Middle-Income CountriesHaacker, Markus
10/58 The Real Exchange Rate and Growth Revisited: The Washington Consensus Strikes Back?Berg, Andrew and Yanliang Miao
10/49 Firm Productivity, Innovation and Financial DevelopmentDabla, Norris, Eramus Kersting and Genevieve Verdier
09/274 Cyclical Patterns of Government Expenditures in Sub-Saharan Africa: Facts and FactorsLledo, Victor, Irene Yackovlev, and Lucie Gadenne
09/269 A Framework to Assess the Effectiveness of IMF Technical Assistance in National AccountPastor, Gonzalo C.
09/260 Improving Surveillance Across the CEMAC RegionIossifov, Plamen, Noriaki Kinoshita, Misa Takebe, Robert C. York, and Zaijin Zhan
09/244 A Rule Based Medium-Term Fiscal Policy Framework for TanzaniaKim, Daehaeng, Mika Saito
09/227 Analyzing Fiscal Space Using the MAMS Model: An Application to Burkina FasoGottschalk, Jan, Vu manh Le, Hans Lofgren, Kofi Nouve
09/216 Determinants and Macroeconomic Impact of Remittances in Sub-Saharan AfricaSingh, Raju Jan, Markus Haacker, and Kyung-woo Lee
09/215 São Tomé and Príncipe: Domestic Tax System and Tax Revenue PotentialFarhan, Nisreen
09/192 The Gambia: Demand for Broad Money and Implications for Monetary Policy ConductSriram, Subramanian S.
09/182 Understanding the Growth of African MarketsYartey, Charles Amo, and Mihasonirina Andrianaivo
09/180 Credit Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa—Sources, Risks, and Policy ResponsesIossifov, Plamen, and May Y. Khamis
09/155 Spillovers from the Rest of the World into Sub-Saharan African CountriesDrummond, Paulo Flavio Nacif, and Gustavo Ramirez
09/148 In Search of Successful Inflation Targeting: Evidence from an Inflation Targeting IndexMiao, Yanliang
09/146 Introducing the Euro as Legal Tender—Benefits and Costs of Eurorization for Cape VerdeImam, Patrick A.
09/115 The Macroeconomics of Scaling Up Aid: The Gleneagles Initiative for BeninMongardini, Joannes, and Issouf Samaké
09/114 Sub-Saharan Africa’s Integration in the Global Financial MarketsDeléchat, Corinne, Gustavo Ramirez, Smith Wagh, and John Wakeman-Linn
09/113 Financial Deepening in the CFA Franc Zone: The Role of InstitutionsSingh, Raju, Kangni Kpodar, and Dhaneshwar Ghura
09/107 Madagascar: A Competitiveness and Exchange Rate AssessmentEyraud, Luc
09/98 Understanding Inflation Inertia in AngolaKlein, Nir, and Alexander Kyei
09/75 Grants, Remittances, and the Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate in Sub-Saharan African CountriesMongardini, Joannes, and Brett Rayner
09/37 Dedollarization in Liberia—Lessons from Cross-country ExperienceErasmus, Lodewyk, Jules Leichter, and Jeta Menkulasi
09/36 The Macroeconomic Impact of Scaled-up Aid: The Case of NigerFarah, Abdikarim, Emilio Sacerdoti, and Gonzalo Salinas
09/27 The Value of Institutions for Financial Markets: Evidence from Emerging MarketsAkitoby, Bernardin, and Thomas Stratmann
09/25 Why Isn’t South Africa Growing Faster? A Comparative ApproachEyraud, Luc
09/15 The Determinants of Commercial Bank Profitability in Sub-Saharan AfricaFlamini, Valentina, Calvin A. McDonald, and Liliane Schumacher
09/14 Bank Efficiency in Sub-Saharan African Middle-Income CountriesChen, Chuling
09/11 How Can Burundi Raise Its Growth Rate? The Impact of Civil Conflicts and State Intervention on Burundi’s Growth PerformanceBasdevant, Olivier

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