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International Monetary Fund
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July 1990
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Masson, Paul, 1946–

MULTIMOD Mark II: a revised and extended model / by Paul Masson, Steven Symansky, and Guy Meredith.

p. cm.—(Occasional paper ; no. 71)

Includes bibliographical references.

ISBN 1-55775-141-2

1. Economic forecasting—Econometric models. 2. Economic policy—Econometric models. 3. International finance—Econometric models. 4. International trade—Econometric models. 5. Capital movements—Econometric models. I. Symansky, Steven A. II. Meredith, Guy. III. Title. IV. Series: Occasional paper (International Monetary Fund) ; no. 71.

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The following symbols have been used throughout this paper:

  • … to indicate that data are not available;

  • — to indicate that the figure is zero or less than half the final digit shown, or that the item does not exist;

  • – between years or months (e.g., 1987–88 or January–June to indicate the years or months covered, including the beginning and ending years or months;

  • / between years (e.g., 1987/88) to indicate a crop or fiscal (financial) year.

  • “Billion” means a thousand million.

  • Minor discrepancies between constituent figures and totals are due to rounding.

The term “country,” as used in this paper, does not in all cases refer to a territorial entity that is a state as understood by international law and practice; the term also covers some territorial entities that are not states, but for which statistical data are maintained and provided internationally on a separate and independent basis.


This study reports on the latest version of the Fund’s MULTIMOD model and was prepared in the Research Department by Paul Masson, Advisor, Steven Symansky, Acting Deputy Division Chief, and Guy Meredith, Economist, both of whom are in the External Adjustment Division. The study updates and extends the description given in the July 1988 issue of Staff Studies for the World Economic Outlook (Masson and others (1988)).

The authors are grateful to a number of people for their help in constructing the Mark II version of MULTIMOD. Ralph Tryon (currently at the Federal Reserve Board) did a considerable amount of work on the model while he was employed by the Fund in 1988–89. The study also benefited from collaboration with John Helliwell and others involved in the INTERMOD project at the Canadian Department of Finance and the University of British Columbia. Useful comments and advice were also received from Andrew Dean, Joe Gagnon, Robert Lafrance, Warwick McKibbin, Peter Richardson, and David Vines, and from many colleagues at the Fund. The paper was edited by Elin Knotter of the External Relations Department; it was ably typed and retyped by Andrea Chisholm. The authors alone are responsible for the study; the opinions expressed are theirs and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Fund.

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