Appendix II

Yusuru Ozeki, and George Tavlas
Published Date:
January 1992
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Table 27.Japan: Important Exchange Controls in Force as of March 1991
Controls on overall currency positions of foreign exchange banks.
Existence of the authorized foreign exchange bank system. Under this system, approval is needed for residents other than such banks to engage in foreign-currency transactions or to lend foreign currencies.
An approval system for special settlement methods.
An approval system for resident deposits in banks abroad.
A screening system for securities issues overseas by residents, for foreign-currency bonds issued in Japan by nonresidents, and for all Euro-yen issues.
A prior-notification system for direct investment.
Controls on the participation of general residents in overseas futures markets.
Controls on foreign investments by some institutional investors. (See Table 11.)
Sources: Fukao (1990); Bank of Japan.
Sources: Fukao (1990); Bank of Japan.

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