Annex IV Fund Technical Assistance to CFA Franc Countries

Stéphane Cossé, Johannes Mueller, Jean Le Dem, and Jean Clément
Published Date:
June 1996
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The table on the following pages provides details of technical assistance provided by the International Monetary Fund to the member countries of the CFA franc zone during the period 1989–95, in terms of both long-term expert assistance and mission assignments. The information in the table is categorized under the three Fund departments that provided the assistance: the Monetary and exchange Affairs Department (MAE), formerly the Central Banking Department (CBD); the Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD); and the Statistics Department (STA).

Table 59.Fund Technical Assistance to CFA Franc Countries, 1989–95: Long-Term Expert (LTE) and Mission Assignments (M)
BeninBCEAO-Monetary Policy (LIE)1/92–95Introd. of budget nomenclature (M)11/20/90–12/18/90
Advice on budget reform (M)10/18–23/92
Inspection of expert assign. (M)10/23/92
Tax administration (LTE)9/91–9/94
Tax admin, follow-up (M)3/5–3/15/95
Budget Accounting (LTE)1/23/91–12/23/92
Burkina FasoVAT implementation (M)10/7–17/91Real sector/Gen. Economy (M)1/90
Budget classification (M)1 I/I l-l 1/22/91Multisector (M)7–8/95
Part. IBRD Public Exp. Review (M)6/7–24/92
VAT administration (M)11/25/92–12/12/92
Budget General (M)7/15–24/93
Budget General (LTE)5/16/94–5/15/95
Tax administration (LTE)5/19/93–5/18/94
Tax policy, Admin, and Customs (M)6/12–24/95
Tax administration (M)6/8–20/92
Consol. Budgetary Expend (M)6/25/90–7/7/90
Côte d’lvoireBCEAO—Bank Supervision (M)1989–94Budget & Treasury Consol. (M)10/10–26/90National Accounts (M)6/95
Review of Tax admin. (M)9/26/9 l-l 0/9/91
Inspection of CBD experts (M)10/92Tax Policy (M)11/29/93–12/5/93
Bank Supervision (LTE)9/91–92Tax Admin. & Policy (M)9/14/90–10/3/90
BCEAO-Bank Restructuring (M)5/93 & 1/94Public expenditure management (M)11/28/94–12/2/94
Tax Policy, Admin. & Customs (M)5/24/95–6/12/95
Tax Policy, Admin. & Customs (M)5/26/95–6/12/95
MaliInspection CBD experts (M)12/89Technical Inspection Visit (M)11/19–22/90BOP statistics (M)10/90–11/90
External Debt (M)6/90–8/90Tax administration (M)11/9/92–12/2/92Multitopic (M)7/91
Tax admin, assessment (M)4/8–13/95BOP statistics (M)5/93
Seminar-taxation on gov’t procurement (M)6/12–14/95Natl. Acc. (LTE)5/96–3/96
NigerExternal debt data management (LTE)7/90–1/93Discuss revenue situation (M)9/10–21/90BOP statistics (M)1–2/92
Tax Policy & Administration (M)11/20–12/10/93Government finance statistics (M)4–5/94
National Accounts (M)7/95
SenegalBCEAO—Monetary &Operation (M)10–11/89BCEAO/COFEB Public Fin. Course (M)5/6–18/90Seminar on Money and Banking (M)4/90
Seminar on tax and budget issues (M)I/I4-I8/9I
Inspection of CBD experts (M)12/89BCEAO/COFEB Public Finance Seminar (M)5/7–20/91Coopération visit w/BCEAO (M)7/91
Financial sector reform (M)6/92BCEAO Training (M)5/11–24/95BOP (M)7/92
COFEB Seminar (M)5/16–29/93BCEAO seminar on Government Finance (M)1/93
Tax Admin. w/WAMU (M)12/12–18/93
BCEAO Seminar (M)5/15–21/94BOP Seminar (M)2–3/94
Social Safety Net (M)11/28–12/16/94Money & Banking Seminar (M)3–4/95
COFEB Seminar (M)5/22–6/2/95
Customs administration (LTE)10/91–1/94
TogoIssuance of Treasury bills (M)12/90Tax and tariff reform implem. (M)11/22–12/4/91
Budget and accounting reform (M)5/2–23/91
Tax assessment (M)2/17–3/6/92
Tax and follow-up customs (M)11/23–12/17/91
UMOA Study (M)12/8–16/93
Short-term Country Resident Expert Assignment (M)1/31/94–2/18/94
Budget General (LTE)9/94–9/95
Tax Administration (LTE)2/95–2/96
Installation of Tax Advisor (M)3/15–18/95
Tax Administration (LTE)8/15/92–2/23/93
BCEAOBank Supervision & Regulation (LTE)9/89–90
Part, in WB BCEAO seminar (M)5/91
CameroonMonetary Instrument (M)9/90Non-oil tax revenue budget (M)11/3–11/20/90National Accounts (M)10/90
BEAC—Foreign Exchange (M)9/90Budget policy follow-up (M)5/13–5/24/91Review/follow-up data resources (M)4/91
BEAC—Bank Supervision (M)1991–94Follow-up budgetary policy (M)4/23–5/4/92Money and Banking (M)11/92
BEAC—Bank Restructuring (M)6/93CAECU Tax reform (M)10/21–11/01/92Government Finance (M)7/93
BEAC—Monetary Policy Workshop (M)2/94Tax Policy and Administration (M)8/28–9/4/93
Tax Administration (M)1/20–2/6/94Balance of Payments (M)5/95
BEAC—Monetary Policy Review (M)7/94CAECU Seminar (M)6/13–6/19/94
Central African RepublicCustoms Administration (M)7/8–13/91
CAECU Tax Reform (M)10/17–21/92
Tax Administration (M)2/1–17/93
Tax & Customs Administration (M)6/20–30/94
ChadTax Administration (M)9/4–20/90
Follow-up on taxation (M)7/6–13/91
Tax Administration (M)12/2–17/91
CAECU Tax Reform (M)10/15–17/92
Customs Administration (LTE)10/94–10/95
Customs Administration (M)8/30–9/10/94
Customs Administration/Follow-Up (M)5/20–25/95
CongoCAECU Tax Reform (M)10/15–19/92
CAECU meeting (M)12/7/92
Tax & Customs Administration (M)10/28–11/15/94
EquatorialCAECU Tax Reform (M)10/25–30/92
GuineaTax Administration Inspection (M)1/10–16/93
Follow-up meetings to CAECU (M)12/9–11/92
Tax Administration (LTE)7/92–2/94
Mtg.on CAECU Customs Tariff (M)4/6–7/95
Multipurpose mission (M)2/18–27/93
GabonWorkshop of CAEC U Regulatory Reform (M)11/4–9/91BEAC Seminar on Money & Banking (M)3/90
CAECU Tax Reform (M)10/20–24/92Balance of Payments Seminar (M)7/94
Tax Administration (M)10/9–23/93
Tax Administration Follow-up (M)2/6–8/94
Balance sheet revaluation seminar (M)1/19–26/95
Budget preparation and control (M)4/11–22/95
BEACBank Supervision and Regulation (LT Experts)I989& 1990
ComorosBank Supervision and Regulation (M)1989–93Tariff reform (M)7/21–27/91
Tax & Customs Administration (M)3/15–26/93
Customs Administration (M)5/10–17/93
Tax & Customs Administration (M)8/23–10/23/93

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