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Published Date:
September 1996
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    World Economic and Financial Surveys

    This series (ISSN 0258-7440) contains biannual, annual, and periodic studies covering monetary and financial issues of importance to the global economy. The core elements of the series are the World Economic Outlook report, usually published in May and October, and the annual report on International Capital Markets. Other studies assess international trade policy, private market and official financing for developing countries, exchange and payments systems, export credit policies, and issues discussed in the World Economic Outlook.

    World Economic Outlook: A Survey by the Staff of the International Monetary Fund

    The World Economic Outlook, published twice a year in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, presents IMF staff economists’ analyses of global economic developments during the near and medium term. Chapters give an overview of the world economy; consider issues affecting industrial countries, developing countries, and economies in transition to the market; and address topics of pressing current interest.

    ISSN 0256-6877.

    $35.00 (academic rate: $24.00; paper)

    1996 (May). ISBN 1-55775-567-1. Stock #WEO-196.

    1995 (Oct.). ISBN 1-55775-467-5. Stock #WEO-295.

    1995 (May). ISBN 1-55775-468-3. Stock #WEO-195.

    International Capital Markets: Developments, Prospects, and Policy Issues

    by a staff team led by Takatoshi Ito and David Folkerts-Landau

    The current issue provides a comprehensive survey of recent developments in international financial markets in 1995 and 1996, including developments in emerging capital markets, bond markets, major currency markets, and derivative markets. The report focuses on efforts by the major industrial countries to strengthen the management of financial risk and prudential oversight over the international banking system.

    $20.00 (academic rate: $12.00; paper).

    1996. ISBN 1-55775-609-0. Stock #WEO-696.

    1995. ISBN 1-55775-516-7. Stock #WEO-695.

    Staff Studies for the World Economic Outlook

    by the IMF’s Research Department

    These studies, supporting analyses and scenarios of the World Economic Outlook, provide a detailed examination of theory and evidence on major issues currently affecting the global economy.

    $20.00 (academic rate: $12,00; paper).

    1995. ISBN 1-55775-499-3. Stock #WEO-395.

    1993. ISBN 1-55775-337-7. Stock #WEO-393.

    Issues in International Exchange and Payments Systems

    by a Staff Team from the IMF’s Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department

    The global trend toward liberalization in countries’ international exchange and payments systems has been widespread in both industrial and developing countries and most dramatic in Central and Eastern Europe. Countries in general have brought their exchange systems more in line with market principles and moved toward more flexible exchange rate arrangements in recent years.

    $20.00 (academic rate: $12.00; paper).

    1995. ISBN 1-55775-480-2. Stock #WEO-895.

    Private Market Financing for Developing Countries

    by a Staff Team from the IMF’s Policy Development and Review Department led by Steven Dunaway

    This latest study surveys recent trends in private market financing for developing countries, including flows to developing countries through banking and securities markets; the restoration of access to voluntary market financing for some developing countries; and the status of commercial bank debt in low-income countries.

    $20.00 (academic rate: $12.00; paper).

    1995. ISBN 1-55775-526-4. Stock #WEO-1595.

    1995. ISBN 1-55775-456-X. Stock #WEO-995.

    International Trade Policies

    by a Staff Team led by Naheed Kirmani

    The study reviews major issues and developments in trade and their implications for the work of the IMF. Volume I, The Uruguay Round and Beyond; Principal Issues, gives and overview of the principal issues and developments in the world trading system. Volume II, The Uruguay Round and Beyond: Background Papers, presents detailed background papers on selected trade and trade-related issues. This study updates previous studies published under the title Issues and Developments in International Trade Policy.

    $20.00 (academic rate: $12.00; paper).

    1994. Volume I. The Uruguay Round and Beyond: Principal Issues

    ISBN 1-55775-469-1. Stock #WEO-1094.

    1994. Volume II. The Uruguay Round and Beyond: Background Papers

    ISBN 1-55775-457-8. Stock #WEO-1494.

    1992. ISBN 1-55775-311-1. Stock #WEO-l092.

    Official Financing for Developing Countries

    by a Staff Team from the IMF’s Policy Development and Review Department led by Anthony R. Boote

    This study provides information on official financing for developing countries, with the focus on low- and lower-middle-income countries. It updates and replaces Multilateral Official Debt Rescheduling: Recent Experience and reviews developments in direct financing by official and multilateral sources.

    $20.00 (academic rate: $12.00; paper)

    1995. ISBN 1-55775-527-2. Stock flWEO-1395.

    1994. ISBN 1-55775-378-4. Stock ffWEO-1394

    Officially Supported Export Credits: Recent Developments and Prospects

    by Michael G. Kuhn, Balazs Horvath, Christopher J. Jarvis

    This study examines export credit and cover policies in major industrial countries.

    $20.00 (academic rate: $12.00; paper).

    1995. ISBN 1-55775-448-9. Stock #WEO-595.

    Available by series subscription or single title (including back issues}; academic rate available only to full-time university faculty and students.

    Please send orders and inquiries to:

    International Monetary Fund, Publication Services, 700 19th Street, N.W.

    Washington, D.C. 20431, U.S.A.

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