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Back Matter

Saleh Nsouli, and Oleh Havrylyshyn
Published Date:
April 2001
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List of Participants

Titles and affiliations were those in effect at the time of the conference in February 1999.

Åslund, Anders

  • Carnegie Endowment for Peace

Avanessian, Vahram

  • Minister of Economic and Structural Reform, Office of the Prime Minister, Republic of Armenia

Babaev, Guylamjon

  • State Economic Advisor for the President, Office of the President, Republic of Tajikistan

Blanchard, Olivier

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bokros, Lajos

  • Director, Private and Financial Sector Department, Europe and Central Asia, World Bank

Camdessus, Michel

  • Managing Director, IMF

Cani, Shkelqim

  • Governor, Bank of Albania

Cottarelli, Carlo

  • Assistant Director, European I Department, IMF

Cseres, Akos

  • Advisor to the President, Office of the President, National Bank of Hungary

Cuddington, John

  • Georgetown University

Daianu, Dan

  • Official, National Bank of Romania

Doyle, Peter

  • Deputy Division Chief, European I Department, IMF

Fernald, John

  • Federal Reserve Bank

Frydman, Roman

  • New York University

Gaidar, Yegor

  • Director, Institute for the Economy in Transition

Havrylyshyn, Oleh

  • Senior Advisor, European II Department, IMF

Hrncir, Miroslav

  • Chief Executive Director, Czech National Bank

Imashev, Chorobek

  • Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance, Kyrgyz Republic

Johnson, Simon

  • Assistant Professor, Assistant Director, MIT Entrepreneurship Center

Jusko, Marián

  • Vice Governor, National Bank of Slovakia

Kalra, Sanjay

  • Economist, Asia and Pacific Department, IMF

Kaufman, Daniel

  • Manager, World Bank

Khoubanov, Vadim

  • Vice Governor, National Bank of Azerbaijan

Levine, Ross

  • University of Virginia

Löhmus, Peter

  • Deputy Governor, Bank of Estonia

Milanovic, Branko

  • Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

Murrell, Peter

  • University of Maryland

Nellis, John

  • Senior Manager, Private Sector Development Department, World Bank

Nenova, Mariella

  • Director, Agency for Economic Analysis and Forecasting

Nsouli, Saleh M.

  • Deputy Director, IMF Institute

Portes, Richard

  • University College of London

Riecke, Werner

  • Deputy Governor, National Bank of Hungary

Rosati, Dariusz

  • Member of Monetary Policy Council, National Bank of Poland, Professor of Warsaw School of Economics

Saidenov, Anvar

  • Chairman, Kazakh Investment Agency

Selowsky, Marcelo

  • World Bank

Shleifer, André

  • Harvard University

Škreb, Marko

  • Governor, Croatian National Bank

Sløk, Torsten

  • Economist, Research Department, IMF

Stavreski, Zoran

  • Director, Research Department, National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia

Steinbuka, Inna

  • Director, Economic Analysis and Fiscal Policy Department, Ministry of Finance, Latvia

Stern, Nicholas

  • Chief Economist, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Sturza, Ion

  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Reforms, Ministry of Economy and Reforms, Republic of Moldova

Sugisaki, Shigemitsu

  • Deputy Managing Director, IMF

Tanzi, Vito

  • Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF

Tsibouris, George

  • Senior Economist, European II Department, IMF

Urbsiene, Laima

  • Vice-Minister, Ministry of Finance, Lithuania

Viyugin, Oleg

  • Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance, Russian Federation

Wolf, Thomas

  • Assistant Director, European II Department, IMF

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