Front Matter

Front Matter

Tamim Bayoumi
Published Date:
October 2017
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To Susan, Elisa, and Stefan For giving me joy and purpose



Many people have helped me with this book. In addition to the IMF, which granted me a sabbatical, pride of place goes to Adam Posen, the director of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the institution that gave me an office and made me a senior fellow, which allowed me to interact with their fantastic fellows and staff. In particular, during my stay, in addition to Adam, I benefited enormously from conversations with Fred Bergsten, Bill Cline, Nicolas Véron, Simon Johnson, Morris Goldstein, Joe Gagnon, Ana Gelpern, Steve Weisman, Jacob Kierkegaard, Patrick Honohan, Olivier Blanchard, Chad Brown, Monica De Bolle, Marcus Noland, Jérémie Cohen-Setton, Caroline Freud, Olivier Jean, Rory MacFarquhar, Jeff Schott, Ted Truman, Dave Stockton, and Jeromin Zettelmeyer. Their intellectual generosity is an example for us all. Additional important inputs came from Ashok Bhatia of the IMF, who explained the US financial system in terms even I could understand, David Marsh from OMFIF, who constantly encouraged me, and Barry Eichengreen of Berkeley and Harold James of Princeton, who both commented on earlier versions of the text. Many thanks also go to Taiba Batool, my editor, who helped knock the book into shape, and Anish Tailor of the Peterson and Jelle Barkema of the IMF for their invaluable research assistance. Thanks also to Lauren Pettifer, Melissa Bond, and Jennie Doyle at Yale University Press for helping with the finishing touches. Finally, it is important to acknowledge that this book represents my own views, and does not necessarily represent those of the IMF, IMF policy or the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

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