Reforming the International Monetary and Financial System
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Back Matter

Alexander Swoboda, and Peter Kenen
Published Date:
December 2000
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    Conference Program

    Friday, May 28

    Welcome and Opening Remarks: Alexander K. Swoboda

    Part I. Mitigating Instability Under High Capital Mobility

    Session 1. The Exchange Rate Regime Among Major Currencies

    Paper Title: The Euro, Yen, and Dollar: Making the Case Against Benign Neglect

    Authors: Benoit Cœuré and Jean Pisani-Ferry

    Chairman: Fred Bergsten

    Panelists: Alan Blinder, Ricardo Hausmann, Ronald McKinnon, and Horst Siebert

    Session 2. Moderating Fluctuations in Capital Flows to Emerging Market Economies

    Paper Title: Moderating Fluctuations in Capital Flows to Emerging Market Economies

    Authors: Michael Mussa, Alexander K. Swoboda, Jeromin Zettelmeyer, and Olivier Jeanne

    Chairman: Ernest Stern

    Panelists: Oldrich Dedek, Rudiger Dornbusch, David Folkerts-Landau, and Roberto Zahler

    Luncheon Address: Jacob Frenkel

    Session 3. The Balance Between Adjustment and Financing

    Paper Title: When Capital Inflows Suddenly Stop: Consequences and Policy Options

    Authors: Guillermo A. Calvo and Carmen M. Reinhart

    Chairman: J.J. Polak

    Panelists: Montek S. Ahluwalia, Yoon Je Cho, Jeffrey A. Frankel, and Peter B. Kenen

    Session 4. Involving the Private Sector in Crisis Prevention and Resolution

    Paper Title: Is Greater Private Sector Burden Sharing Impossible?

    Author: Barry Eichengreen

    Chairman: Sylvia Ostry

    Panelists: William Cline, Pablo E. Guidotti, J. de Beaufort Wijnholds, and Martin Wolf

    Dinner Address: Michel Camdessus

    Saturday, May 29

    Part II. The Role of the International Monetary Fund

    Session 5. The Financial Role of the IMF

    Paper Title: Refocusing the Role of the International Monetary Fund

    Author: David Lipton

    Chairman: Arjun Sengupta

    Panelists: Jack Boorman, Kwesi Botchwey, Charles W. Calomiris, Yung Chul Park, and Tatiana Paramonova

    Session 6. The Role of IMF Advice

    Paper Title: The Role of IMF Advice: A Postcrisis Examination

    Author: Takatoshi Ito

    Chairman: Guillermo Ortiz Martinez

    Panelists: Mohsin S. Khan, Mario Draghi, Kiettisak Meecharoen, Guillermo Ortiz Martinez, and John Williamson

    Concluding Remarks: Stanley Fischer

    Reforming the International

    Monetary and Financial System

    ISBN 1-55775-835-2

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