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International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
June 1998
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    External Evaluation of the ESAF

    Report by a Group of Independent Experts

    International Monetary Fund

    © 1998 International Monetary Fund

    Edited by: Marina Primorac

    Design and composition: Alicia Etchebarne-Bourdin

    Cover design and charts: In-Ok Yoon

    Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

    External evaluation of the ESAF : report / by a group of independent experts.

    p. cm.

    Includes bibliographical references (p.)

    ISBN 9781557757357

    1. Structural adjustment (Economic policy)—Developing countries—Evaluation. 2. Economic assistance—Developing countries—Evaluation. 3. International Monetary Fund. I. International Monetary Fund.

    HC59.7.E976 1998

    332. 1’52—dc21



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    In statistical matter throughout this publication,

    • dots (…) indicate that data are not available;
    • a dash (—) indicates that the figure is zero or less than half the final digit shown, or that the item does not exist;
    • a single dot (.) indicates decimals;
    • a comma (,) separates thousands and millions;
    • “billion” means a thousand million, and “trillion” means a thousand billion;
    • a short dash (-) is used between years or months (for example, 1997-98 or January-October) to indicate a total of the years or months inclusive of the beginning and ending years or months;
    • a stroke (/) is used between years (for example, 1997/98) to indicate a fiscal year or a crop year;
    • a colon (:) is used between a year and the number indicating a quarter within that year (for example, 1998:1);
    • components of tables may not add to totals shown because of rounding.
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