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Front Matter

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
April 2000
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© 2000 International Monetary Fund

Editing and Production: Marina Primorac

Design and composition: Alicia Etchebarne-Bourdin

Cover design and charts: IMF Graphics Section

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External evaluation of the IMF’s economic research activities: report / by a group of independent experts.—Washington, D.C.: International Monetary Fund, 2000.

  • p. ; cm.

  • Includes bibliographical references.

  • ISBN 9781557758620

1. International Monetary Fund—Research—Evaluation. 2. Economics—Research—Evaluation. 3. International finance—Research—Evaluation. I. Bernes, Thomas. II. International Monetary Fund. Executive Board.

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The following symbols have been used throughout this book:

  • … to indicate that data are not available;

  • — to indicate that the figure is zero or less than half the final digit shown, or that the item does not exist;

  • – between years or months (e.g., 1996–97 or January–June) to indicate the years or months covered, including the beginning and ending years or months;

  • / between years (e.g., 1996/97) to indicate a crop or fiscal (financial) year.

  • “Billion” means a thousand million.

  • Minor discrepancies between constituent figures and totals are due to rounding.

  • The term “country,” as used in this book, does not in all cases refer to a territorial entity that is a state as understood by international law and practice; the term also covers some territorial entities that are not states, but for which statistical data are maintained and provided internationally on a separate and independent basis.

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