Central Banking Technical Assistance to Countries in Transition


Susana Almuina, Ian McCarthy, Gabriel Sensenbrenner, and Justin Zulu
Published Date:
December 1995
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International Monetary Fund

  • Richard D. Erb

  • Deputy Managing Director

  • Justin B. Zulu

  • Director

  • Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department

  • John Odling-Smee

  • Director

  • European II Department

  • V. Sundararajan

  • Deputy Director

  • Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department

  • Baron Jean Godeaux

  • General Advisor in IMF Technical Assistance to Central Banks of the Baltic Countries, Russia and Other Countries of the Former Soviet Union

  • K. Burke Dillon

  • Resident Advisor and Chief Economist Moscow Office

  • Michel A. Destresse

  • Resident General Advisor in Moscow

  • Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department

  • Ian S. McCarthy

  • Senior Economist

  • Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department

  • Susana Almuiña

  • Economist

  • Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department

  • Erna Radifera

  • Senior Administrative Assistant

  • Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department

  • Joanne H. Colbourne

  • Staff Assistant

  • Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department

Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia

  • Armen R. Darbinian

  • First Deputy Governor

  • Emma V. Egiazarian

  • Assistant to the First Deputy Governor

Reserve Bank of Australia

  • Keith M. Hall

  • Chief Representative

  • European Representative Office

Austrian National Bank

  • Thomas G. Lachs

  • Executive Director

  • Eduard Hochreiter

  • Senior Advisor and Head of Foreign Research Division

National Bank of Azerbaijan1

  • Abdulla K. Melik-Aslanov

  • Deputy Board Chairman

  • Aleckper Radjabov

  • Chief Economist, International Relations Division

National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

  • Valentin V. Zayash

  • Deputy Board Chairman

  • Sergey M. Didenko

  • Head, Foreign Relations Department

National Bank of Belgium

  • Jean-Jacques Rey

  • Director

  • Herman Bussers

  • Advisor, Foreign Department

Bank of Canada

  • William R. White

  • Deputy Governor

  • Donald R. Stephenson

  • Associate Advisor to the Governor

National Bank of Denmark

  • Jorn Kjaer

  • Assistant Governor and Head, Economics and Statistics Department

  • Erik Niepoort

  • Director and Senior Advisor to the Governors

Bank of Estonia

  • Vahur Kraft

  • Deputy Governor

  • Katrin Kvell

  • Head, International Office

  • Krööt Kilvet

  • Officer, International Office

Bank of Finland

  • Kjell Peter Söderlund

  • Head, International Office Monetary Policy Department

  • Kari J. Pekonen

  • Head, Unit for Eastern European Economies

Bank of France

  • Jean-Paul Redouin

  • Deputy General Manager, Foreign Department

  • Danielle Noirclerc-Schoenberg

  • Head, Foreign Missions Service and Technical Assistance Unit

National Bank of the Republic of Georgia

  • Merab Kakulia

  • Vice-President

Deutsche Bundesbank

  • Bernd Goos

  • Head, Foreign Department

  • Kurt Oberndorfer

  • Acting Head, Technical Assistance for Foreign Central Banks

Central Bank of Iceland1

  • Ingimundur Fridriksson

  • Advisor to the Governors

Central Bank of Ireland

  • George E. Reynolds

  • Assistant General Manager

Bank of Israel

  • Eduardo Titelman

  • Assistant Director

  • International Affairs and External Relations Department

Bank of Italy

  • Lamberto Dini

  • Director General

  • Mauro Masi

  • Assistant Manager and Head of the Foreign Liaison Division, Governor’s Secretariat

Bank of Japan

  • Akira Nagashima

  • Executive Director in charge of International Relations

  • Yoshihiko Noguchi

  • Chief Manager, Central Banking Technical Assistance, International Department

  • Norikazu Takahashi

  • Representative in London Office

National Bank of Kazakhstan

  • Oraz A. Dzhandosov1

  • First Deputy Chairman

  • Janat A. Akhmetova

  • Head, Department for Liaison with International Financial Institutions

National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

  • Ulan K. Sarbanov

  • Head, Economic Research and Analysis Division, Economic Department

Bank of Latvia

  • llmars Rimsevics

  • Vice Chairman, Board of Governors

  • Guntis Valujevs

  • Head, Foreign Relations Department

Bank of Lithuania

  • Biruté Grikinyté

  • Member of the Board

  • Arturas Kampanas

  • Deputy Head, Division of International Organizations

  • International Department

National Bank of Moldova

  • Leonid Talmaci

  • Governor

  • Lilia Burunciuc

  • Head, Foreign Relations Department and Executive Director

The Netherlands Bank

  • J.A.H. de Beaufort Wijnholds

  • Deputy Executive Director

  • Berend Pieter van Baak

  • Advisor to the Governing Board and Coordinator of Technical Assistance

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

  • Richard J. Lang

  • Deputy Governor

Bank of Norway

  • Audun Gronn

  • Assistant Director and Head of the International Division

  • Economics Department

Bank of Portugal

  • Abel M. Mateus

  • Member of the Board

Central Bank of the Russian Federation

  • Viktor V. Geraschenko

  • Chairman

  • Alexandr Khandruyev

  • Deputy Chairman

  • Tatyana V. Paramonova

  • Deputy Chairman

  • Vladimir N. Smenkovskiy

  • Acting Director of the Research, Information and Statistics Department

  • Valeriy A. Savanin

  • President of the Interstate Bank

  • Olga K. Prokofyeva

  • Deputy Director, Banking Supervision Department

  • Nadejda Ivanova

  • Deputy Director, Banking Supervision Department

  • Georgy V. Shuraev

  • Director, Department of Personnel Training

  • Andrei A. Braguin

  • Deputy Director, Foreign Relations Department

  • Victor P. Khalansky

  • Chief, Main Department

  • Central Bank of the Russian Federation, St, Petersburg Branch

  • Nadezhda A. Savinskaya

  • First Deputy Chief, Main Department

  • Central Bank of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg Branch

Bank of Spain

  • José Luis Malo de Molina

  • Director General, Research Department and General Council Member

Sveriges Riksbank

  • Gustaf Adlercreutz

  • Head of Department

  • International Secretariat

Swiss National Bank

  • Andreas J. Frings

  • Director and Secretary General

  • Monique Dubois

  • Deputy Director

  • International Monetary Relations

National Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan

  • Sharif M. Rahimov

  • Deputy Chairman

  • Gulomshan D. Babaev

  • First Deputy Minister of Finance

  • Ministry of Finance

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

  • Dogan Sevim

  • General Manager, Foreign Relations Department

Central Bank of Turkmenistan

  • Annadurdi K. Hajiyev

  • Deputy Chairman

  • Nader Akrami

  • General Advisor

National Bank of Ukraine

  • Igor Mitiukov

  • Deputy Governor in charge of Foreign Exchange Regulations and International Relations

  • Vladimir V. Ivanov

  • Deputy Head, International Banking Relations Department

Bank of England

  • Michael E. Hewitt

  • Director, Central Banking Studies

Federal Reserve System of the United States

  • Edwin M. Truman

  • Staff Director, Division of International Finance

  • Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

  • Roberta J. Puschel

  • Executive Vice President

  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Central Bank of Uzbekistan1

  • Alikoul H. Erdonaev

  • Vice Chairman of the Board

  • Abdoulkhamid Mouminov

  • Senior Expert, International Banking Relations Department

Bank for International Settlements

  • André Bascoul

  • Deputy Manager

  • Head, Service for Eastern European Countries and International Organizations

  • Herbert Poenisch

  • Official, Service for Eastern European Countries and International Organizations

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

  • Hugh M. Baylis

  • Senior Banking Consultant

  • Financial Institutions Group

European Commission

  • Seamus Gillespie

  • Coordinator-TACIS, Financial Services Sector

  • Directorate General I, External Economic Relations

World Bank

  • Charles R. Blitzer

  • Manager for Economics and Policy

  • World Bank Moscow Office

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

  • Salvatore Zecchini

  • Assistant Secretary-General and Director, Center for Cooperation with the Economies in Transition

  • Martin Williamson

  • Principal Administrator

  • Technical Assistance Program to the NIS, Center for Cooperation with the Economies in Transition

Participants were unable to attend.

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