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Published Date:
November 1996
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Recent IMF Publications on the Middle East and North Africa Region

(All publications are in English unless otherwise noted)

Books and Seminar Volumes

Analytical and Policy Aspects of Financial Programming: The Case of Egypt, by Taher Dajani, Samir El-Khouri, Mohamed Hosny, and Mounir Rached. Arabic language edition only. 1990

Financial Policies and Capital Markets in Arab Countries, edited by Said El-Naggar. 1994

The Uruguay Round and the Arab Countries, edited by Said El-Naggar. 1996

Currency Convertibility in the Middle East and North Africa, edited by Manuel Guitian and Saleh M. Nsouli. 1996


The Social Impact of Economic Reform on Arab Countries, edited by Taher Kanaan

Occasional Papers

No. 109. The Path to Convertibility and Growth: The Tunisian Experience, by Saleh M. Nsouli, Sena Eken, Paul Duran, Gerwin Bell, and Zuhtu Yucelik. 1993

No. 117. Resilience and Growth Through Sustained Adjustment: The Moroccan Experience, by Saleh M. Nsouli, Sena Eken, Klaus Enders, Van-Can Thai, Jorg Decressin, and Filippo Cartiglia. 1995

No. 120. Economic Dislocation and Recovery in Lebanon, by Sena Eken, Paul Cashin, S. Nuri Erbas, Jose Martelino, and Adnan Mazarei. 1995

No. 136. Jordan: Strategy for Adjustment and Growth, edited by Edouard Maciejewski and Ahsan Mansur. 1996

Forthcoming: Kuwait: From Reconstruction to Accumulation for Future Generations, by Nigel Chalk, Mohammed A. El-Erian, Susan Fennell, Alexei P. Kireyev, and John Wilson


Growth and Stability in the Middle East and North Africa, by Mohamed A. El-Erian, Sena Eken, Susan Fennell, and Jean-Pierre Chauffour. 1996

Policy Challenges in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, by Cyrus Sassanpour. 1996

Working Papers

No. 94/55. “The Arab Maghreb Union,” by Mohamed Finaish and Eric Bell

No. 94/103. “Emerging Equity Markets in the Middle Eastern Countries,” by Mohamed A. El-Erian and Manmohan S. Kumar (also published in IMF Staff Papers, Vol. 42, June 1995)

No. 94/129. “Dollarization in Lebanon,” by Johannes Mueller

No. 95/69. “The Parallet Market for Foreign Exchange in an Oil Exporting Economy: The Case of Iran, 1978—1990,” by Adnan Mazarei

No. 95/97. “Imports Under a Foreign Exchange Constraint: The Case of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” by Adnan Mazarei

No. 96/7. “Effects of the Uruguay Round on Egypt and Morocco,” by Clinton R. Shiells, Arvind Subramanian, and Peter Uimonen

No. 96/30. “Is MENA a Region? The Scope for Regional Integration,” by Mohamed A. El-Erian and Stanley Fischer


“Adjusting to the New Realities: MENA, Uruguay Round, and the European Union’s Mediterranean Initiative,” by Patricia Alonso-Gamo, Susan Fennell, and Khaled Sakr

“Financial Reform in the Middle-Income Arab Countries: Lessons from the Experiences of Other Developing Countries,” by Amer Bisat

“Financial Sector Reform in the Countries of the Middle East and North Africa,” by Nigel Chalk, Abdelali Jbili, Volker Treichel, and John Wilson

“Fiscal Policy and Growth in the Middle East and North Africa Region,” by Sena Eken, Thomas Helbling, and Adnan Mazarei

“Investment and Growth in the Middle East and North Africa,” by Amer Bisat, Mohamed A. El-Erian, Mahmoud El-Gamal, and Francesco Mongelli

“Saving Mobilization in Developing Countries: The Case of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” by Mohamed A. El-Erian and Manmohan S. Kumar

IMF Staff Country Reports

Algeria: Background Paper (No. 95/54).

Algeria: Selected Economic Issues (No. 96/71)

Djibouti: Statistical Annex (No. 96/44)

Iran, Islamic Republic of: Recent Economic Developments (No. 95/121)

Iran, Islamic Republic of: Statistical Appendix (No. 96/108)

Israel: Recent Economic Developments (No. 95/105)

Jordan: Background Information on Selected Aspects of Adjustment and Growth

Strategy (No. 95/97)

Mauritania: Recent Economic Developments (No. 95/20)

Morocco: Statistical Annex (No. 95/140)

Sudan: Recent Economic Developments (No. 95/129)

Tunisia: Statistical Annex (No. 95/17)

Tunisia: Recent Economic Developments (No. 96/27)

West Bank and Gaza Strip: Recent Economic Developments and Prospects and Progress in Institution Building—Background Paper Issued in Connection with 1995 Article IV Consultation with Israel (No. 95/106)

Other Publications

Available in Arabic and English: World Economic Outlook: A Survey by the Staff of the International Monetary Fund, published twice a year in May and October

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