9. Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board

International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
Published Date:
December 2013
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9.1 The IMF, as a service to its members, has established and maintains an electronic DSBB on the Internet, a system to store and disseminate the metadata provided by participants. The DSBB identifies the members participating in the GDDS and provides easy access to the members’ respective metadata.1 The responsibility for the accuracy of the metadata and of the economic, financial, and sociodemographic statistics underlying the metadata rests with the member countries. Although participants are expected to review and update their metadata on either a “best-effort” or “when-merited” basis, participants are expected to update their plans for improvement on an annual basis.

9.2 It is recommended that GDDS participants establish an NSDP on the Internet, which could be linked to the DSBB electronically through hyperlinks on the latter. It is recommended that a participant’s NSDP contain the most recent observations for data categories included in the GDDS that are available as well as the previous observation. Where possible these data categories should be linked through hyperlinks to additional information. Responsibility for the data on an NSDP rests with the participant. Furthermore, it is recommended that participants disseminate on the Internet an ARC, which could be linked to the DSBB electronically through hyperlinks on the latter, showing the release dates of these data for the current month and for the following three months. NSDPs and ARCs are part of the SDDS (and also the SDDS Plus). GDDS participants are encouraged to apply these tools to their data and metadata, taking into account each country’s own circumstances. Nevertheless, standardized formats for NSDPs and ARCs are advised for all GDDS participants.2


The DSBB also serves the needs of the SDDS and the SDDS Plus.


Further information on NSDPs and ARCs can be found in The Special Data Dissemination Standard: Guide for Subscribers and Users at

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