Appendix I. Table of Concordance

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
August 2003
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TopicConventionResolutionsFATF SR*Civil Law (Article)Common Law (Section)
Criminalize the financing of terrorism (FT)Article 41373 (2001)IIII-22
Establish liability (criminal, civil or administrative) of corporations for FTArticle 5II-33
Exclude excuses for FT based on political, philosophical, etc. considerationsArticle 6I-3
Establish jurisdiction over FT offensesArticle 7III-14
Identify, detect, freeze, or seize assets used in committing FT offenses, and freeze terrorist assetsArticle 81267 (1999), 1333 (2001), 1373 (2001), 1390 (2002)IIIII-9–II-128–10
Establish procedure for detention of persons suspected of FT (including notification of other jurisdictions)Articles 9, 17, and 19IV-2–IV-55–7
Implement principle of “prosecute or extradite”Article 10IV–175(1)
Implement provisions on extraditionArticle 11IV-12–IV-1612
Implement provisions on mutual legal cooperationArticles 1215IV-6–IV-1113
Implement provisions on transfer of detainees and prisonersArticle 1614
Take FT prevention measures, including:Article 18, 1
Prohibit illegal encouragement, instigation, organization, or engaging in FT offenses(a)See the discussion on page 50
Require financial institutions to utilize the most efficient measures available for customer identification; pay special attention to suspicious transactions, and report suspicious transactions; and, for this purpose, consider regulations on unidentified account holders and beneficiaries, on documentation for opening accounts for legal entities, on suspicious transaction reporting, and on record retention(b)IV(Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Law)
Consider:Article 18, 2
Supervision measures, including, for example, licensing of all money transmission agencies; and(a)(SR VI: impose anti-money laundering requirements on alternative remittance systems)V-7–V-815
feasible measures to detect or monitor cross-border transportation of cash(b)(AML and other laws)
Establish channels for exchange of information between competent agencies and servicesArticle 18, 3 (a)(AML and other laws)
Establish procedures for cooperating with other parties in inquiries on (i) persons and (ii) funds suspected of FT involvement(b)(AML and other laws)
Consider exchanging such information through InterpolArticle 18, 4
Include customer identification in money transfersVIIV-9
Ensure that in particular nonprofit organizations cannot be used to finance terrorism.VIIIV-1–V-616

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