Part III. Procedure

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
June 2004
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1. The procedure for the adoption of modifications in the Articles of Agreement is set forth in Article XXVIII. Under those provisions, a proposed amendment is to be communicated to the Chairman of the Board of Governors for consideration by the Board of Governors. If the proposed amendment is approved by the Board of Governors, the Fund is to ask all members whether they accept it. When three fifths of the members, having 85 percent of the total voting power, have accepted the proposed amendment, the Fund is to certify that fact by a formal communication to all members. Under Article XXVIII(c), an amendment enters into force for every member, whether or not it has accepted the amendment, three months after the date of that communication unless a shorter period is specified. In the case of the amendment now being proposed, the Executive Board recommends that it should enter into force on the date of the formal communication.

2. Part IV of this Report contains the text of a Resolution, to which is attached the text of the proposed amendment discussed above. The Chairman of the Board of Governors has requested that on his behalf the Secretary of the Fund bring the Resolution and proposed amendment before the Board of Governors for its approval. It is pursuant to this request that the Secretary is transmitting this Report to the Board of Governors.

3. In the judgment of the Executive Board, and particularly in view of the desirability of an early completion of the amendment process,1 the action requested of the Board of Governors should not be postponed until the next regular meeting of the Board and does not warrant the calling of a special meeting of the Board. For this reason, the Executive Board, pursuant to Section 13 of the By-Laws, requests Governors to vote without meeting. To be valid, votes must be received at the seat of the Fund before 6:00 p.m., Washington time, on June 28, 1990. The Resolution will be adopted if replies are received from a majority of the Governors exercising two thirds of the total voting power and if a majority of the votes is cast in favor of the Resolution. The Resolution must be voted on as a whole.

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