International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
April 2005
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(All pamphlets have been published in English, French, and Spanish, unless otherwise stated)

38. Fund Conditionality: Evolution of Principles and Practices, by Manuel Guitián. 1981.

39. Order in International Finance, the Promotion of IMF Stand-By Arrangements, and the Drafting of Private Loan Agreements, by Joseph Gold. 1982.

40. SDRs, Currencies, and Gold: Sixth Survey of New Legal Developments, by Joseph Gold. 1983.

41. The General Arrangements to Borrow, by Michael Ainley. 1984.

42. The International Monetary Fund: Its Financial Organization and Activities, by Anand G. Chandavarkar. 1984.

43. The Technical Assistance and Training Services of the International Monetary Fund. In English. Reprinted 1989.

44. SDRs, Currencies, and Gold: Seventh Survey of New Legal Developments by Joseph Gold. 1987.

45. Financial Organization and Operations of the IMF, by the Treasurer’s Department. First edition, 1990. Third edition, 1993. Third edition also in Russian.

46. The Unique Nature of the Responsibilities of the International Monetary Fund, by Manuel Guitián. 1992.

47. Social Dimensions of the IMF’s Policy Dialogue, by the staff of the IMF. 1995

48. Unproductive Public Expenditures: A Pragmatic Approach to Policy Analysis, by the Fiscal Affairs Department. 1995.

Photographic or microfilm copies of all English editions, including numbers that are out of print, may be purchased direct from University Microfilms International, 300 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106, U.S.A. or from University Microfilms Limited, 30/32 Mortimer St., London, W1N 7RA, England.

Copies of these pamphlets and information on earlier issues in the IMF Pamphlet Series may be obtained from:

International Monetary Fund, Publication Services

700 19th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20431, U.S.A.

Telephone number: (202) 623-6430

Telefax number: (202) 623-7201


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