Front Matter

Front Matter

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
January 1966
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    International Monetary Fund

    Washington, D. C.,


    International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 0538-8759

    Reprinted September 1985

    Prefatory Note

    The opinions expressed in this paper are those of the author, who is the General Counsel of the International Monetary Fund, and not necessarily those of the Fund.

    Articles of Agreement, Schedules, And Rules And Regulations Of The Fund Quoted

    Article and SectionPageQuoted Footnote
    I (iii)710, 12
    IV, Section 267
    IV, Sections 3 and 4(b)69
    IV, Section 4(a)711, 12
    VII, Section 23447
    VIII, Section 2(b)30
    XI, Section 15
    XI, Section 225
    XV, Section 11217
    XV, Section 344
    XVII (b)(i)1318
    XX, Section 2(g)3
    Schedule and Paragraph
    D, paragraph 545
    D, paragraph 656
    Rules and Regulations
    M-l and M-2914

    Executive Direcfors’ Decisions Cited

    Number of DecisionDate of DecisionPageCited Footnote
    955-(59/45)October 23, 1959915
    1289-(62/l)January 5, 19624, 334, 45, 46
    1362-(62/32)July 9, 19624, 334, 45
    1415-(62/47)September 19, 19624, 334, 45
    1712-(64/29)*June 8, 19643344
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