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Front Matter

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
January 1979
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Washington, D.C.


Reprinted August 1984

International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 0538-8759

Polak, J. J.

Thoughts on an International Monetary Fund based fully on the SDR / J.J. Polak.—Washington: International Monetary Fund, 1979.

(Pamphlet series —International Monetary Fund; no. 28)

“Appendix: The balance sheet of an SDR-based Fund”: p. 23.

1. International Monetary Fund. 2. Special Drawing Rights. I. Title. II. Series: International Monetary Fund. Pamphlet series; no. 28.

Prefatory Note

The opinions expressed in this pamphlet are those of the author, who is the Economic Counsellor and Director of the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund, and not necessarily those of the Fund.

The author acknowledges the valuable contributions made in the preparation of this pamphlet by Messrs. D. Cutler, R. Familton, J. Gold, G. Nicoletopoulos, S. Silard, and J. Smith.

March 1979

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