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International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
March 1996
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    External Relations Pamphlets of the International Monetary Fund

    Assisting Reform in Central and Eastern Europe, by John M. Starrels Revised 1992. In English, French, Russian, and Spanish

    The Baltic States in Transition, by John M. Starrels. In English (1993), French (1994), Russian (1994), and Spanish (1994).

    The Challenges of Globalization in an Independent World Economy, by Michel Camdessus. 1997. In English, French, and Spanish.

    Dealing with the Unexpected: The IMF’s Response to the Middle East Crisis, by David M. Cheney. 1991. In English, French, and Spanish.

    Facing the Globalized World Economy: The IMF Experience, by Michel Camdessus. 1996. In English, French, and Spanish.

    Funding the IMF: Why an Increase in Quotas ? By Esha Ray. In English (revised 1992), French (1990), and Spanish (1990).

    Helping the Poor: The IMF’s New Facilities for Structural Adjustment, by Joslin Landell-Mills. In English (revised 1992), French (1988), and Spanish (1988).

    The IMF and the World Bank: How Do they Differ? By David D. Driscoll. In English (revised 1994), French (revised 1994), German (1988), Russian (1992), and Spanish (revised 1992).

    IMF Support for African Adjustment Programs: Questions and Answers, by F.L. Osunsade. In English (1993), French (1994), and Spanish (1994).

    Promoting Development: The IMF’s Contribution, by Bahram Nowzad. In English (reprinted 1991), French (1990), and Spanish (1990).

    Promoting Economic Stability: The IMF’s Compensatory and Contingency Financing Facility, by David M. Cheney and Luc D. Evaraert. Revised 1994. In English, French, and Spanish.

    Ten Common Misconceptions About the IMF, by the External Relations Department, In English (revised 1993), French (1988), German (1988), Russian (1992), and Spanish (1988).

    What Is the International Monetary Fund? By David D. Driscoll. In English (revised 1997), Chinese (1995), French (revised 1995), German (1988), Russian (1992), and Spanish (revised 1995).

    Note: External Relations pamphlets are available free of charge.

    Please contact International Monetary Fund, Publication Services

    700 19th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20431, U.S.A.

    Tel.: (202) 623-7430, Telefax: (202) 623-7201



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